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09 December 2008
Time to think again about Joe Stalin?
This is a photo of a rather nice little four inch bust of Joe Stalin which now sits on my desk. Amazingly enough the bronze is not something from the 1950s, but was made just a few months ago and in Ukraine to boot.

It was given to me last month by a friend of mine in London who has a Ukrainian girlfriend. The lady was under strict instructions to bring over a couple of these bronzes on her last trip and that she duly did.

Funnily enough I was in Birmingham of all God forsaken shitholes and I fell to talking with a Russian labourer that I met in some pub or other. I mentioned my Uncle Joe bust and his eyes lit up with glee. If only the great pipesman was still in charge, he reckoned, then everything would be sweet. At the very least he would not be working in a foreign country.

Is Stalin about to come in for some reappraisal, I wondered? According to my drinking companion, the man has always been a hero to ordinary Russians, so no reappraisal is needed.

I don't know how true that is as a general statement, but he seemed to believe it. And I rather like my bronze statuette of Uncle Joe.

I bet it looks nice with your matching bust of Uncle Adolf.

9 December 2008 at 23:51  

Why would I have such a thing, my little anonymong?

Except you are not an anonymong are you? You are that right spaz, out of England and now cold calling putative punters out of Chicago, Illinois. Well, fuckety-doodle-dandy, and welcome back.

We are in the same time zone, did you know that? You left your load of old wank at almost 6.00pm - and you did it from work!

Dickhead, you were still at work when most people are already at home...

10 December 2008 at 01:33  

Why would you have such a thing? How about the often overlooked fact that the two were self-described socialists, and wartime allies to boot (at least until Adolf reneged on the deal). Also, they specialised in eliminating those you so clearly hate. Reason enough, I´d have thought.

You know, for someone who obviously takes pride in speaking his mind and being controversial, you´re awfully coy when it comes to the accusations of fascism laid against you. Too close to the bone, perhaps?

10 December 2008 at 03:15  

Fascism believes that the nation - however defined - comes before such notions as class loyalty. So it is not coyness on my part, it is eye-rolling exasperation at political illiteracy.

Hitler never called himself a socialist, and I suspect that your error is due to the name of the party. Actually he did not found it so blame whoever did for that.

As leader he was quite happy to do deals with the Krupps of this world - Stalin didn't.

Lower down the scale Stalin gave every fucking Kulak that he could find a nut job. Hitler, who was basically from that strata himself, behaved very differently.

10 December 2008 at 03:54  

Bollocks! That´s just the cover story used by fellow travellers like you. The truth is that both are totalitarian systems that use class and nationalism more or less interchangeably, as the need arises. That´s why the Soviets fought for the Mother Russia when things got desperate in WWII (Stalin knew they never fight and die for anything as ephemeral as their ´class`); and why Hitler invoked the notion of class warfare whenever it suited him (the NAZI party was, after all, the workers´ party). Brown shirts / black shirts / red shirts - they´re just variations on the same totalitarian theme and a fascist is just a communist who´s come out of the closet.

As for your claim that Hitler never called himself a socialist - try this:

Í am a socialist´
- Adolf Hitler to Otto Strasser, 21/5/1930

He was not alone in this sentiment. Goebbels was quite outspoken on the nature of the relationship between the two systems. For example, in 1925 in an open letter to ´his friends of the left´, he wrote: ´You and I, we are fighting one another although we are not really enemies´. He is also quoted as saying: ´Nationalist and socialist! What goes first, and what comes afterwards?´

Mussolini started out as a socialist, often described himself as such, and only became a fascist when he saw that the ideology of his choice had failed.

Mosley was no different:

´I am not and have never been a man of the right. My position was on the left´
- Oswald Mosley, The Times, 26/4/1968

Then there´s the well-documented support for the rise of Hitler by the international left in the 30s and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

As for your argument that Hitler did not name the party he led, well, that´s a pathetic excuse if ever there was one. He joined it voluntarily and had plenty of opportunity to rename it had he wished. Oh, and all that about Stalin not doing deals with Krupp´s - funny that he was quite happy to do business deals with General Motors and Ford et al in the form of Lend Lease (not to mention his aforementioned deal with Hitler).

Let´s face it, the only reason you and your rotten ilk have dumped the fascists is because they lost the war. Had they won, I´m sure the shirts in your closet would not all be the same shade of deepest red.

Hope this helps you in overcoming your eye-rolling inability to grasp the oh-so-fucking-obvious.

10 December 2008 at 15:41  

No, actually all it does is amuse me still further.

I'm not a fellow traveller, by the way, since there is nothing to fellow travel with. Just a bloke who was given a bust that has one webmong well annoyed. So annoyed that he goes off a-googling and finds out things about Musso and Moseley that he tosses in.

Breakfast for me!

10 December 2008 at 17:03  

It´s so easy to hate, so hard to justify that hate, eh, Exile? Far better to be glib and flippant and hope the issue goes away. Anything to avoid explaining the reasons for your hatred - either to yourself or to your readers.

I suppose it´s too much to ask that you address the points raised above instead, but I´ll do it anyway. In the meantime, buen provecho. Hope you don´t choke on your chilaquiles.

10 December 2008 at 18:44  

I don't censor anybody here, so you can write whatever old wank you want. That does not mean that I have to reply to your old wank in the way that you want.

As for justification: my views need no justification to my own people and the soon to be pauperised arselickers don't count. Middle class scum lived well over the past 30 years because we lived badly. It used to be so very different and it will be again.

10 December 2008 at 19:01  

The simple fact is that Stalin imprisoned and killed many MILLIONS more people than Hitler managed to - but Stalin's victims were all his own people! Of course, he labelled tham as 'class traitors', just to make it seem Ok - he was building a workers' paradise after all, albeit with the blood of his own people.

Go read Kolyma Tales, or the excellent Gulag, if you want to know how the Soviet Union achieved its meteoric rise to industrialism. That is, if you REALLY do want to know the facts behind the facade. I suspect you prefer your own politically sanitised version and SWP 'Boys Own' variety, with tales of heroic subbotniks and tousle-haired shock workers, struggling together to defeat the evil capitalist enemies of the heroic workers' state. Dream on, dickhead...

Actually, most Russians that I've met (and it's been quite a few) do love Stalin, but not for his political views. They admire him because he was a Nationalist (i.e., a Patriot) and he didn't take no shit - a supreme authoritarian. That's why he's cool in their eyes.

Sorry to shatter your dreams, my little predictable prole, but your view of history is about as accurate as your political posture!

12 December 2008 at 19:01  

Conveniently the New York Times had just published this article -


Yet more proof, were that needed.

17 December 2008 at 02:26  

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