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31 December 2008
On the unintentional delights of a book review
I haven't been blogging as much as usual over the past few days. I suppose that you, gentle punter, thought that the festive season was to blame, but actually it was Anthea, my latest little sex toy. I was giving her a kiss the other day and the little darling got so carried away that she crossed her legs - fair did my neck in it did. Anyway, blame Anthea for my lack of posts.

Enough of this merry banter - let's change the subject completely. Exactly three years ago today Neil Clark, who is a great and good man, earned a few bob by churning out 1,500 words or so in the form of a review of two related books. He wasn't impressed with either of the works, but the review which can be read here is not exactly a hatchet job on either of them. Before anyone clicks on over there to read the piece, it is important that punters both gentle and base are reminded of the date when it first appeared. Yeah, New Year's fucking Eve, which means that no bugger was going to read it, given the normal scheme of things.

However, people did read it and they are reading it today all because Gimlet Kamm, who was one of the authors, decided to throw a wobbler and thus gave the piece enough publicity to keep it going for years to come. So now when folk think about the short-arsed little fucker that is Gimlet Kamm they remember how risible he made himself over a review that would have vanished had he not had his great wank all over it.

There are lessons in this tale of woe for all of us as I am sure you will agree. However your friendly old Exile hasn't the time to consider them fully as there is a little girl named Anthea who needs to be taught how to deep throat and then to swallow every single drop. . .




I read it on the day it was published. Clearly, so did Kamm.

3 January 2009 at 15:30  

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