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13 December 2008
Killers of Jean Charles de Menezez walk free
The death squad that pumped seven bullets into the head of Jean Charles de Menezez can breath a sigh of relief. The coroner's jury brought in an open verdict and in spite of all the huffing and puffing from the press that probably means an end to the matter. The lawyers for the Menezez family have promised to seek a judicial review of the coroner's decision to order the jury not to bring in a verdict of unlawful killing, but that is just playing into the state's hands.

It is pretty clear that the only way the coroner could get even an open verdict was by playing some pretty fast moves that involved keeping the jury in the dark about the withdrawal of the de Menezez family and their lawyers from the proceedings. Had they known about that then it is possible that they would have been emboldened to stick two fingers up to the farce and brought in an unlawful killing verdict on the principle of fuck that for a laugh.

As things stand the state will drag out further proceedings for as long as possible in the hope that people will start to forget. The death squad has already started an expensive PR game to try and reassure the public that everything is fine, and we can soon expect to start hearing soothing noises about how lessons have been learned from this tragedy.

All very different in Greece, isn't it? There the filth killed a 15 year old youth and all hell broke loose on the streets. It is quite likely that the Greek rulers didn't want to dump their servants any more than the British do, but at the end of the day a servant is a servant and if the peasants are in revolt, then it is best to throw one or two to the wolves. Thus the Greek filth is in custody, whilst the two British examples are walking around getting patted on the back by their mates.

What a difference a riot makes.



Greece is a third world shithole. What happens there has no lessons at all for an advanced and civilized country such as the UK.

15 December 2008 at 17:38  

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