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11 December 2008
James Purnell & another Labour failure
It is highly likely that the only thing that James Purnell has ever had to worry about as a youngster was if the captain of boats was planning to bugger him after he had finished putting the cane across Jim's bare arse at public school. Purnell is privileged filth, born to privileged filth; the type of creature that socialism was created to bury, but which has now taken over the Labour Party.

Certainly it is unlikely that young Jim ever had to worry about living on about sixty quid a week, which is the going rate for a single unemployed person. As the Nu-Labour regime's Works and Pensions Secretary it may even have seemed like quite a jape to come up with a policy that could be presented as screwing over the unemployed. Even wittier was his decision to hand this task over to a merchant banker who cheerfully admitted that he hadn't the first clue how to begin, but who managed to come up with a report in the record breaking time of three weeks. Said report basically argued that what the north needs is a bit of stick to encourage the population to go out and get a job.

Earth to Jim: the reason why people spend years on benefit in the former industrial areas is that they are former industrial areas. All the fucking jobs were taken away as part of Thatcher's war on the working class. Bring those jobs back, the unskilled and semi-skilled industrial jobs, and people will flock to take them up. You could even kill two birds with one stone by concentrating on jobs for men. If you got the fellows back to work then the women would look for employed men as husbands and providers, rather than relying on the state as they do now.

However to do that would involve going up against one of Nu-Labour's prime core consituencies, the social workers, council officers and other assorted lower middle class riff-raff. Far better, thinks our Jim, to pretend that this new policy marks any kind of break with that of the past. It doesn't because it can't. Forcing single mothers to attend a few meaningless interviews a year may play well with the scumbag vote that Nu-Labour gets such a blue-veiner over, but it won't get folk back to work because the bastard jobs don't exist.



it won't get folk back to work because the bastard jobs don't exist

There will always be unemployment for as along as people are paid to be unemployed.

Cut benefits and limit the period they can be claimed, introduce US-style workfare, and make the workshy underclass get off its backside and price themselves back into the market. If they can't find jobs in the North then they can get on their bikes and start looking for work elsewhere.

11 December 2008 at 16:56  

Naah, got a better idea. Tax the dogshit element who think that the way to get on is to bum suck the bosses. Tax 'em until they squeal and then bring in a squealing tax to tax 'em some more.

Use the money to get things working.

11 December 2008 at 18:05  

But it's not going to work, is it? Taking the money earned by the productive, employable people to pay for make-work schemes for the unproductive, unemployable people who don't want a job, who haven't got the balls or brains to find one by their own efforts, is just going to drag everyone down further.

Why do we need these parasites who are long past their sell-by date anyway? What use are the semi-literate with no skills of any relevance to the modern information and services economy? If the country still had an empire we could ship them out to distant lands where they might make themselves useful, or conscript them into the army where their violent and anti-social natures could be put to work fighting Johnny Foreigner. Alas all that is gone since the Lefties convinced the British to be ashamed of their past glories and achievements. The only solution is to slash welfare and force these people either into work more fitting to their station in life, or out of the country entirely.

11 December 2008 at 18:51  

Or sterilise them. I think if we started snipping the cocks of those blokes who refuse to find a job, they'd soon buckle down - or leave the country. And then Exile would REALLY have something to rant about (seems the only things he's good for/at).

Why the fuck should taxpayers have to fund layabouts? If you don't work, no money - simple as that. So, either find yourself a job, or get some work/welfare experience shovelling up dogshit for 60 quid a week.

You'll probably find yerself crouching shoulder to shoulder with some of Exile's feckless family of miscreants, who apparently had their jobs taken away from them 30 years ago and haven't been able to find one since.

Even though they look at telly all day and whine (and dine) at the local pub, for some reason they get passed over when it comes to dishing out the work. Such a surprise - and a real shame too! There's real talent going to waste there, for sure!

12 December 2008 at 19:18  

Sorry, but you have fallen foul of the one mong per day rule. I am entertaining myself with a very prime mong indeed over at HP, and today is Friday...

Weekends are out, so can you come back next week?

12 December 2008 at 21:00  

Are the people commenting on this blog for real? You all sound worryingly like Broadmooresqe socio/psychopaths to me.

Or is the United Kingdom becoming daily more like Nazi Germany? Or Stalinist Russia?

Hitler believed in sterilisation and forced labour too and I am AMAZED that anyone post-holocaust would speak so blithely about such things.

Get some help before you hurt someone; you really are a bunch of sad, sick bastards.

25 December 2008 at 09:04  

Well they are real in the sense that they are not fakes. Barry lives in Arabia and teaches the locals to speak English, as for the anonymong, God knows.

They are the scum that will soon find themselves unable to pay their mortgages. They thought that tomorrow belonged to them, but now realise that it doesn't.

Let 'em howl.

25 December 2008 at 19:40  

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