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04 November 2008
Today is Obamessiah Day!
Yesterday Bishop Cornal G. Henning of the wonderfully named African Methodist Episcopal Church compared Barack Obama to both Moses and Martin Luther King. Meanwhile hysterical supporters are proclaiming that they "would take a bullet for him," whilst others tell anyone who will listen that Obama has "been sent by God".

This is not an election in the most developed country in the world; this is how African tribal chieftains are enstooled, with followers proclaiming the new chief's semi-divinity to the world. Or at least to anyone within hearing range.

One can understand how a Germany that had been defeated in war, crippled with debt and weighed under with inflation, could turn to a messiah, but the USA is in a far different position. Quite why Americans are behaving in such a bovine fashion is beyond this writer's powers of analysis.

Let's look on the bright side: the more Obama's followers build him up the greater their disenchantment will be when he cannot deliver on all that hope. The build-up has been such that the disappointment is going to be a joy to behold.

It would still be better for us as socialists to have McCain in the White House continuing the Chimp's policies, but you can't have everything, can you? So let's just sit back and watch whilst a sizeable chunk of the American population makes complete tits out of themselves by pinning all their hopes on a Chicago-trained machine politician whom they have mistaken for the Obamessiah.



There's an awful lot to be said for machines that deliver jobs, homes, and the things working people want. I know Chicago well, and its mayor has made sure the city owns its buildings and controls its airports and schools. I agree with you that a good few people are in for a disappointment though

4 November 2008 at 22:09  

Bush destroyed the US economy, so Obama ducks that bullet.

Lets face it, the alternative is Palin who wants to really be a TV presenter.
That's not a plan B, is it now?

So Obama will win, with at least I'd hope, a 10 point majority.

We'll soon find out. :)

5 November 2008 at 00:24  

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