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19 November 2008
Social work: profession or outdoor relief for thickoes?
This is a guest posting by UKSecretCourts, an anti-social worker activist based in Wales. She uses video for her campaigning, and her work can be watched at this link.

Social workers are so desperate to be considered professionals that they have invented a registration system to keep out undesirables and miscreants. Well, that is the theory, now let's look at the reality.

Victoria Climbie was a small child who came to the UK for a better life, specifically a better education. Sadly she was mistreated and abused by her aunt and that woman's boyfriend. She finally died of hypothermia, after being made to sleep in a bath.

Her social worker, Lisa Arthurworry, was then struck off the social work register following at least five months of investigations by that body. This former SS officer then found employment as a debt collector. Excuse me - a debt collector? Someone who harasses the poor at the behest of a loan shark. That's right, the Arthurworry woman went from social work to debt collecting in the blink of an eye.

Actually, it was quite a good career move because the ex-SS officer was quite good at harassment. So expert was she that she even escaped prison for harassing her neighbours over a 2 year period.

Let's remember that during her harassment phase she was a registered social worker. So which seems the more appropriate profession for this woman's personality, debt collector or caring and compassionate social worker?

The end to this sorry tale, is that Arthurworry has just been registered again as a social worker. In other words, in spite of her failings in the Climbie case, and following her sentencing for harassment, she has been deemed to be fit and honourable enough for social work. Truly, only social work would take a woman like that.

This leads me to my central question. Is social work truly a profession, or is it really just a form of outdoor relief for thickoes? How can it be anything but the latter when it takes on dodgy debt collectors, done for harassment, who leave the weakest and most vulnerable to die horrible deaths?

Can you really imagine the Law Society or the Royal College of Nursing behaving in a similar way? Come to think of it, can you imagine lawyers, nurses or other professional people coming to the aid of one of their number who had disgraced their profession in the way Arthurworry has? That's what the social work industry is doing!



I remember reading about the Victoria Climbie case long ago- Arhurworrey was some sort of Christian fundamentalist looney,too.Am i glad she wasn't Muslim:Mad Mel at the Daily Wail would still be flicking her dried-up old bean to this little fact today!

15 September 2009 at 17:25  

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