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12 November 2008
Social work filth and their filthy tactics
This is a guest posting by UKSecretCourts, an anti-social worker activist based in Wales. She uses video for her campaigning, and her work can be watched at this link.

Dirty tactics are rife in UK social work, but when we say dirty what exactly do we mean? Let's take one case as an example of some of the things that go on day after day within the social work industry. This case ended up in the Court of Appeal and was sponsored by Fathers' For Justice.

East Sussex Council decided to forcibly adopt a young girl. The council delivered the adoption notice to the father who was in hospital at the time. He was in intensive care having just had a heart attack, but the social workers didn't let a little thing like that trouble them.

As soon as he was discharged, the father applied to the courts to stop the adoption. Now, in the UK an adoption is irrevocable, which means that even if made in error has been made, it can't be overturned.

Now, the council became worried. What could it do? They came up with a cunning plan to adopt the little girl 24 hours before the court hearing that might have stopped it. Nothing the father did then mattered, as he couldn't undo the adoption.

What did the Court of Appeal say about this?

Here's what was said:

Lord Justice Thorpe said that "the placement on the eve of the hearing gave rise to the clearest inference that the council was out to gain its ends by means more foul than fair".

Lord Justice Wall was of the view that "the conduct of the agency was disgraceful".

He went on to say that "it provided useful ammunition for those who criticised the family justice system for administering secret justice and who attacked social workers as a group for their arrogance and the manner in which they abused their functions by both removing children from their parents unlawfully, and by stifling legitimate parental responses. . . Parliament had given social workers wide powers. They must not abuse them."

Copies of their Lordships' judgements would be sent to the President of the Family Division and to all the designated family judges for onward transmission to the members of the judiciary who heard adoption proceedings and to the British Agency for Adoption and Fostering and to every adoption agency in England and Wales.

And the father? Well the conclusion to this sorry tale, is that under British law he can't have his daughter back.

Luckily, it might not end there. Fathers for Justice are considering an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The Council of Europe is also probing for a full scale enquiry over the Fran Lyon affair, and mothers having to flee the UK to avoid persecution by the social work industry. Europe must be getting a little frazzled by all the tom tom drums going off.

British people are on the warpath!



Exile mate, can't you give up this ridiculous campaign against social workers. There is a furore at the moment in the UK about the murder of a very little boy. The social workers involved are being criticised because they failed to take the boy away from the mother and into care. If they had done so, that boy would be still alive.

14 November 2008 at 12:05  

Er, yes, and reading the news I see the same guff that was said about Victoria Climbie.

The fact is that you are never going to stop monsters and their obscene acts, but that is no excuse to give the social work industry more power. Quite the reverse in fact. Since all the post-Climbie changes have manifestly failed, it makes more sense to restore the status quo ante and lets see a few thousand lumps of social work shit getting their redundancy notices.

15 November 2008 at 15:17  

"Since all the post-Climbie changes have manifestly failed," I disagree
From today's Guardian:
Yet the number of children killed has fallen steadily - down 50% in England and Wales since the 1970s. Professor Colin Pritchard, an expert on child abuse, points to World Health Organisation statistics: Britain was fourth worst among western nations in the 1970s. Now it is among the best: only four countries have fewer child murders per million. Compare America, where child murders have risen by 17% since the 1970s. "Our child protection has never been better," Pritchard, of the school of health and social care at Bournemouth University, says. "Especially in the front line." And social workers are better trained. "I am awed by what these young people have to face."

18 November 2008 at 14:55  

Ooer, an expert from the Guardian - how can any bugger argue with that? Even though I am on holiday this month and the blog is posting on autopilot, let's have a go...

When the regime placed the social work shit over us, we were told that it was all for our own good and that it would ensure that never again could a case like Victoria Climbie's occur.

Well it has, hasn't it? All the laws that were supposed to protect children only served to provide yet more cushy employment for the thick as pigshit poly-wallahs who make up the social work industry.

All your experts aside, you cannot argue with the fact that Peter could have been saved if people had been listened to by the social work industry. They were not, because the industry knows best.

Given that these creatures serve no purpose, give 'em their P45s and be done with them.

18 November 2008 at 17:39  

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