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26 November 2008
Secret Courts Jail Grandfather
This is a guest posting by UKSecretCourts, an anti-social worker activist based in Wales. She uses video for her campaigning, and her work can be watched at this link.

The Secret courts jail anyone who breaks their gagging orders. The sentences are draconian, even when compared to drug dealers, who often get away with only a light sentence. In the UK, you only ever serve half your "official" sentence, so that's down to 26 weeks. Now, here's the rub, you'll only serve 13 weeks in prison, and the other 13 weeks are via an electronic tag fitted to your ankle. As long as you're in at night, everyone's happy.

So what sort of sentences do the family courts give? Well you have no rights inside these courts, no time off for good behaviour if they send you to prison.

This video is about Charles Roy Taylor, a 71 year old grandfather, who wrote a letter, and came to the aid of his grandson, who's in a care home. The boy had made allegations of abuse, and his grandparents stood up for him, but we can't have grandparents standing up against the system can we?

So they jailed Charles Roy Taylor for 20 months. He's still in jail as we speak. His wife, was given probation, to ensure that she couldn't speak about the case. So consider yourself highly privileged to even know that this is happening.

The boy is almost 16 years old, and due to leave the care home. His grandfather, will be in prison for a year after the boy leaves, and returns to his grandmothers care.

Around 200 people are jailed without a jury trial, in a secret court. Latest figures show that this figure is grossly small, it's nearer 500 people. Getting sentences which are effectively seven times longer than a drug dealer.

The system is losing control, and this is the courts response to those who campaign against such abuse of power.



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