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28 November 2008
Official: this is a middle-class recession
On the little matter of the recession, the Daily Telegraph has admitted that it is London and the South that will suffer the loss of thousands of high paying non-jobs as the middle class gets hammered into the ground, and you really would need a heart of stone not to laugh out loud at the tales of woe that the paper has managed to dig up from the ranks of the formerly wealthy. The London Evening Standard is now reporting that house prices in the capital have fallen by around £100,000 this month alone, and nobody seems to be able to predict when the recession will bottom out.

Now all this is interesting because over the past few weeks your friendly old Exile has had his ear bent by various types, all of them trying to persuade him that the recession is something that everyone should worry about. This is bollocks, but it is also proof of just how small in number the middle class actually is - otherwise they wouldn't be pathetically pleading for sympathy and support, would they?

Sorry, folks, but just as you left us to rot on the dole after 1979, so now we get to sit back and watch as your houses get repossessed, your possessions sold off at knock-down prices and your wives and daughters go on the knock.

Have you any idea how entertaining all this is turning out to be?



What this also means, of course, is that an economy in which people go into massive debt to become lawyers and accountants and so on--professional, vocational people--without actually giving a tinker's cuss for those jobs and what they could do for people is going down.

A model in which everyone aspires to things that are not practical, and then sustains the credit-driven lifestyle with cheap labour from elsewhere whilst devaluing real skills is also going to get into trouble; and an education system that doesn't actually educate people is going to be seen for what it is.

Meanwhile, people with houses they actually wanted to live in and with experience of what the BBC calls 'out there'--non London--are going to be able to look on, providing the deflation does not exacerbate racial tensions.

Hedge funds, according to City AM, which is the freesheet for these people, are also in desperate trouble.

And Asda is currently selling 3 creates of tinned lager for 20 pounds. I have a feeling I might pull up a chair....

28 November 2008 at 12:59  


30 November 2008 at 16:46  

Why is that my little anonymong? What made you think that, sitting there are you were, behind the screen of your Apple Crap, with your Safari 1.3 browser?

Pray explain your anger, anonymong, that we may empathise with you. Or have a laugh, as the mood takes us.

30 November 2008 at 20:35  

I'm with Exile on this one. MArx himself said that capitalist economies would only be able to exist, as they 'matured', by 'creating false needs'. Add the desire for cheap credit, and you have to admit he was spot on.

So, have the western capitalist economies matured, or started to rot? I fear we shall find out soon!

4 December 2008 at 18:26  

Manc, I see that you have been sitting on your fat arse for the past 25-30 years waiting for this happen, rather than try to make something of your life. How sad. It's working class tossers like you that give socialism a bad name!

There'll always be a need for intelligent and hard-working middle class people, so we will always thrive. Plebian wankers like you became superfluous a long time ago, and will never come back into fashion! Good riddance, thick-head!

6 December 2008 at 17:18  

Barry, my little fucktard, I have done lots of things over the past 30 years and enjoyed every one of them. Now I am going to enjoy watching the likes of you enter Shit Creek with no means of propulsion.

Listen, Fucktard, how come your ISP and place of abode - Dubai - ties in with that of another new commentator around here? You are not related, by any chance?

Perish the thought that one fuckhead feels the need to use two monickers. Why would that be? It could be that said fuckhead is scared of what his gaffers might say if they found out that he was getting so excited - what do you reckon?

I reckon that you are a gutless piece of shit who would fill your strides if your gaffer looked at you the wrong way.

6 December 2008 at 19:13  

Exile, I live and work in Dubai - no shame in that. Feel free to pass the good news on to my 'gaffer', to use your colloquial term. I'm no more scared of your threats that I am of this recession or your cliche-ridden attempts at prose.

BTW, I make more money in a couple of months than you and your scumbag 'family' of working-class snobs make in a year, probably. No, that's definitely. If you hate the middle classes so much, just think. Who taught you to read and write? Some SWP radical?

Why don't you stop your tiresome Dave Spart ramblings and just accept that you'll never be a match for the mighty educated and affluent middle classes? Just accept your place - as a jumped up little pleb.

Now, go on - make some more threats, when you know you don't have anything fulfilling to offer in response!

7 December 2008 at 08:16  

So why did you change your monicker?

7 December 2008 at 15:38  

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