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10 December 2008
Living with inbred primitives

Watch the CCTV footage from northern Mexico. The guy charges into the jewellery shop and starts killing everyone in there. Then the idiot slips and his mate comes in and picks him up. Finally a third member of the gang remembers that clumsy boy had left his AK-47 behind and has to return for it. Twenty-three seconds, four dead and the gang escaped.

In any civilised country these murderous clowns would have been put down or put away years ago, but the point about a third world shithole is that it is so third rate - so the cops are even more bovine than the robbers.

However, not to worry because an investigation will have taken place. Lots of forms will have been filled in, and all involved will congratulate each other on a job well done. Everything will have been done exactly according to procedure, and the fact that people are dead and more will die in the future is actually nobody's fault.

Aren't you pleased that you don't live in a third world shithole?

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Thats very real and you are entirely correct in what say.
Is there a solution Mr Exile?

10 December 2008 at 17:02  

Do I have a full answer? No, but maybe some ideas.

I don't think that Britain can any longer afford the luxury of a parasitic middle class employed in the public sector. It is one thing having a small professional class, but this is ludicrous.

A country where kids hang around street corners chatting to their friends about where they are going to work, be it mine, mill or factory, is a country with far more social cohesion than what we see at the moment. Get that back and half the battle is won.

Leave the EU so that you can take full control of your economy and run it along import substitution lines. The middle class will howl, but fuck 'em. A Britain where blokes have jobs making things and families then use those wages to buy the products should be a peaceful place.

10 December 2008 at 17:44  

Again you are entirely correct and I wish there were politicians arguing with clarity what you say.

When you say " luxury of a parasitic middle class employed in the public sector" It is reminiscent of YES Minister and the thatcherite purge of quangos and big government.....I know that wont make you happy.

Thanks I find you,Guido and Drudge very interesting....What does that mean?

10 December 2008 at 18:02  

The problem is that if you were to take all those people employed at high level in central government and you would have a few thousand people at most. The state needs its functionaries, that I accept.

However, if you take the time servers from local government then you have tens of thousands of lumps of dead wood.

Get rid of the poly wallahs, re-industrialise, and let's stop having to bust a bollock to earn a buttie.

I am a great fan of Guido! Drudge less so because he seems to rehash other people's stuff.

10 December 2008 at 18:50  

Drudge looks almost exclusively Republican talking points and the evidence collated on the site, but I always find something interesting. Guido must be a complete nightmare for Dave, too influential to ignore, but just as likely to hold the torries to account as the scum bags pretending to be labour.

10 December 2008 at 19:25  

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