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20 October 2008
The strange world of Tamar and their blog advertising
Work this out if you can because it has left me stumped.

Let us set the scene - the month of October which is still nowhere near its end has seen a record number of hits for The Exile. As of midnight we had reached the magnificent total of 5,257 hits for the month. The previous record of 5,272 which was set in February this year was then knocked into a cocked hat just after midnight today, the 20th October. February's totals were due to the quite magnificent Stephanie and this month's tally is due to the lovely Sarah, so thanks are due to both girls for giving the blog some serious stat-porn in their respective ways.

Here's the thing that we can't figure out. Back on the 26th September an e-mail was received from a bloke named James who is a search executive, whatever that is, for a company called Tamar. James wanted to rent advertising space on The Exile and following a brief e-mail exchange two text links were accepted for the blog's left sidebar at an annual fee of £60 each.

Those links went live on the 30th September and by the 13th October your friendly old Exile was beginning to worry that something was wrong because he had neither been paid nor told when payment would be made. Thus a businesslike e-mail was sent out on that date and the following day an apology was received with a promise to chase up the payment.

Later that same day another e-mail arrived from a fellow named Myles at Tamar. Myles explained that there were "compliancy issues" with the blog and asked for the adverts to be removed. He also said that the payment had been made, which was true, so the ever friendly Exile did as he was bid and stripped the two text links from the blog.

An e-mail then winged its way to Myles asking him to explain the compliancy issues bit, because it read like meaningless corporate speak to the recipient at Exile Hall: plain English is what this blog requests and requires. Besides, we had complied with all Tamar's instructions, so what were they moaning about? The bulk of that mail was taken up with some ideas that we had for text link advertising in general, and a reply was eagerly anticipated.

That reply arrived the next day and completely ignored the damned question - and it then went on to argue that Tamar wanted to deal only with UK blogs. That rather begs the question why they contacted us in the first place, but it also completely ignores the fact that the blog is run by an Englishman and has an overwhelmingly UK readership.

Feeling somewhat cheesed off, we got in touch with a friend who runs a translation service and offered her a free advert until the end of the year if she would let us know how many hits she gets on her site every day via that advert. People, the hits are averaging about a dozen a day!

Now then - can someone please explain what the hell is going on? Firstly Tamar wrote to us and we not only agreed to all their instructions, but we damn well complied with them to boot. Then we are told that we haven't complied, but are refused an explanation. Then the ground shifts and the excuse is tossed out that this blog is not British when it so obviously is, as are the bulk of the readers. To make matters even more risible the blog is a-hopping and people are a-clicking on the new text link advert that sits on the left sidebar.

Given this situation we are forced to conclude that someone is completely out of his tree, and that someone does not dwell in Exile Hall.

Still, thanks for the 120 quid, Myles, and good luck with the recession. Given the cack-handed way that you behave, you are going to need all the luck that you can get.



Hello, I'm up early today, so let me explain what's going on.

The man is a cunt.

20 October 2008 at 08:24  

Agreed, the only question outstanding is if Miles is a common or garden variety or some special type of cunt? Is there a factory that turns out cunts like this or did he become cuntish via an effort of will?

On the subject of cunts, when are you going to report on matters social workerish?

20 October 2008 at 16:35  

Hello, blokes,

Here's the daft thing - it's noon and we have already had 450 hits today. Punters are flying like shit off a shovel - and those dips are losing out on all that traffic.

I dunno who the gaffer is at Tamar but I suspect that he isn't going to be well happy if he reads this.

The point is that a big blog isn't going to be interested in the brass that was on offer. A minnow isn't worth any brass at all. A medium sized blog like mine that has been running for three years and is now building up more and more readers - that's what you want. Get in now while things are still cheap, that's the angle to take.

Idiots don't seem to get it.

20 October 2008 at 18:06  

Absolutely right. The effect seems general--I put the words 'Palin porn' in a piece on a possible Obama backlash against the media on my blog yesterday night. They were buried with others, and I didn't do it to garner hits--I actually did it because I wasn't keen on this sort of thing on my blog, as a general rule--yet I'm up (nothing by your standards) by half again today.

The bottom line seems to be that these Tamar people don't know their business, and you do.

21 October 2008 at 01:05  

Hello Martin,

I tend to see bloggers as commentators. To be fair we don't have the resources that a newspaper has, so we analyse things that are already in the public domain.

That said, when a story breaks that is so obviously a runner, and it can be covered via our computers, then we would be fools not to go with it.

So it was with Sarah - I started off defending her against the silly smears, but then ran with the rest because public interest just took over.

I have not blogged about her today but have still had 900 hits at the time of writing today.

21 October 2008 at 01:58  

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