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24 October 2008
The Mandelson-Osborne Feud
The Mandelson-Osborne feud is not something that your friendly old Exile finds all that interesting. If anything all it does is confirm what those of us who are on the left always knew, namely that political hacks and rich filth cosy up together to cut deals that benefit them and screw the rest of us.

However, there is one aspect to this sorry tale that Neil Clark has discovered which makes it slightly more interesting. The story was broken by The Times, and the news department has been running with it for some days. At the same time the Comment Central part of the Murdoch owned scab sheet's website has been rubbishing the tale for all its worth.

According to Neil what is going on is a fight between the neo-conservative headbangers who run the comments page and the rest of the rag. Osborne is a neocon and is getting their support because he belongs to the if it moves, bomb the shit out of it school of political thought.

So far so good, but then Guido Fawkes jumped in with an account which states that The Times is push-polling to try and force Osborne's resignation.

It does appear as if Neil may be onto something here. A fight seems to have broken out between what we might call traditional Conservatives and the neocon loonies.

What's a bloke to do? Sit back and enjoy the show is my advice

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