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22 October 2008
iJustine and the future of information
This is Justine Ezarik, otherwise known as iJustine. As you can see she's a pretty blonde who is famous for being famous.

She gets thousands of hits a month to her YouTube page where she uploads her one minute videos that deal with, well, not a lot really. Blokes like to watch her because blokes always like looking at pretty girls, and I suppose that there is always the hope that they will get to see iJustine naked in one of those videos - or at least remove her top, which is what this writer's boyfriend hoped for.

The guys made iJustine popular so then the girls began to watch her videos because it seems as if every teenage girl around wants to know what makes other girls a hit with the guys. The girls then chat about her with their friends and iJustine's popularity just seems to grow and grow.

This is her most popular video - one that has been watched by almost a million and a half people since it was uploaded in August 2007. All it shows is iJustine leafing through her 300 page mobile 'phone bill. This is self-produced reality TV, folks, and it is as vapid as anything that goes on on the main television channels during the afternoon.

You may think that you have just wasted a couple of minutes out of your life reading this shit, but if you think about it for a moment, this is how people get their information these days. These short videos get made, uploaded and then passed around either via e-mail links or on mobile 'phones.

It's also one of the reasons why the young in particular are disengaging from politics. The parties and groups still try to talk to them using the old media of broadcast television and newspapers. Sorry, but the world has moved on, and it really is time that the politicos of whatever persuasion got with the new programmes.



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