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14 October 2008
Defeat in Iraq is "all Gordon Brown's fault" says warmonger
We haven't had a good laugh at the plight of imperialism in Iraq for quite some time. Largely that is down to the fact that what is left of the British occupation forces were kicking their heels at Basra airport, waiting for the order to leave, and the Americans were just handing out dollars to Sunni fighters in the hope that everything would stay quiet until after the November elections.

Then up pops some British hack who cheered on the aggression from the start to moan about how terrible it is that the gunmen in charge of Baghdad have told the British to take their hook as soon as possible. "It's all Gordon Brown's fault," that the army doesn't have a victory to gloat over, whinges Con Coughland. Of course he means that he and his friends don't have such a victory, but never mind.

It may be that the order to leave was coordinated with Whitehall as a way to make the regime in Baghdad look slightly more legitimate - you can't really be the leader of any self respecting third world shithole unless you cock a snook at the old colonial rulers from time to time. However, what puzzles this writer is that nowhere in the piece does Coughlin actually state what Britain's alternatives are. Should the British Government have ignored the Iraqi demand, always assuming that it wasn't cobbled together with them in the first place that is?

It is hard to know what is being argued in this sub-undergraduate piece. The most charitable conclusion is that it is the dying cry of a warmonger who wants to pass the blame around for the defeat of British imperial aims in Iraq.



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