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27 October 2008
Barak Obama: is this a photo of Vera Baker and is she his lover?
Is this a photograph of Vera Baker, the 33 year old who may have had an affair with Barak Obama? That's the amazing allegation that arrived this morning via e-mail along with the photo.

Earlier this month the Daily Mail ran a story which denied the rumour that Barak Obama had engaged in a spot of horizontal jogging with the campaign aide. The story did not give the girl's name, and her face was blurred out in the photo that the Daily Mail used. When asked if she had polished Obama's knob, the then unnamed girl replied "I have no comment on anything."

The story goes that Vera was paid as the Obama finance directrix, even though a certain Claire Serdiuk actually held that post throughout the primary campaign season.

She was packed off to New York at about the same time as Michelle Obama threw an almighty wobbler about something of other. Now Michelle is reported to have diva moments like this all the time, so the two events may not even be connected - we just don't know yet.

Shortly thereafter she went to live in Martinique and amazingly found the funds to start Cape Carribean, a finance outfit based on the island. Funnily enough the company's website is now down, but a screen shot giving Vera's background details has been saved by one on the ball blogger.

According to the Mail's account, Vera has hired a British legal firm to ensure that the rumours don't see much light in the UK, but the bloggers can be expected to start digging around now that this photo of what is believed to be Vera Baker is in the public domain.

More when we get it!

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