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09 September 2008
Why is the Wii Fit Girl so popular?

The Wii Fit girl is a wonderful example of viral video in action. She's a sexy little minx who dances in front of a TV wearing only her glasses, T-shirt and panties. She became an overnight sensation as everyone and his brother wanted to see the 70 second clip. Even the Daily Telegraph ran reports about her, which tells you just how popular this clip had become.

Then a debate began on the web over whether the video was genuine or not. It turns out that the girl and her boyfriend both work in advertising, so was this a clever stunt?

The video was obviously shot in someone's living room, without using any special light. In fact, the light from the windows actually distracts a little from the overall view that everyone is interested in, which is the girl's gyrating rump. That leads me to conclude that it is genuine, but that said, who gives a stuff?

Even if it had been made deliberately to push sales of the Wii Fit, then that is no guarantee that millions of people all over the world would decide to watch this video. The simple truth is that Wii Fit Girl captured the popular imagination, and that, in part at least, is why the video is such a success.

Technically just about anyone can make a video like this. The trick is making one that will fire up the popular imagination as this one did, and be seen all over the world.

That's the rub for you video makers out there.



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