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11 September 2008
Why has CNN refused to broadcast its Putin interview?
Exiled Online has a story about how CNN has censored the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, by refusing to air a thirty minute interview that he granted them. The station has run some clips, but has refused to run the full interview. According to Exiled Online the Russians are furious about this and CNN's people could soon find that their visas do not get renewed.

One clip in particular is certain to raise blood pressure in Moscow, since it tries to rubbish Russia's claim that America was behind the recent Georgian attack on South Ossetia. As soon as Putin had made his charge - and it is a charge that carries some weight behind it - the CNN report starts to refer to Washington's denials. Then the report takes a sequence in which Putin explains why Russia is no longer importing American poultry and tries to indirectly tie the one with the other. As if the chicken matter was Russia's rather silly retaliation for America's response to Russian actions in the South Ossetian Conflict in other words.

Why did CNN play this trick? The only possible answer is that unlike just about everywhere else, the Americans don't have to bother censoring or buying off journalists because news organisations like CNN are as much a part of the system as the politicians who run it. The nice thing about Mexico, by way of contrast, is that whilst all the hacks are on the take, at least their take comes in the form of cash bribes. These silly sods at CNN seem to be helping the State Department set the anti-Putin narrative because they believe in the man.

At least the Mexicans aren't that stupid.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube, by the way.

Sky news broadcast scenes of Georgian bombing and said it was Russian bombing.

That's not a level playing field

If Sky, CNN are as "bought off" as this, then there's no point watching them.

Thanks for the tip off.

11 September 2008 at 13:39  

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