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22 September 2008
Tomorrow belongs to whom?
Nu-Labour is facing a meltdown at the polls and that coupled with the financial meltdown should be enough to provide more than a few hollow laughs for those who have spent the past thirty years wondering when the next bastard job is going to turn up.

The left should be cock-a-hoop about all this, with everyone and his brother arguing about the quickest way to stick the final boot into the system that has now screwed over a generation of working people.

Sadly this isn't happening. The British working class seems to be sitting on the sidelines and doing sweet fuck all to take advantage of the greatest opportunity to force change on the system since the 1930s. A generation ago the Labour left and the Communist Party came up with the Alternative Economic Strategy - what are we supposed to do, dust that off and use it today? Is that the best that we can do?

Circumstances occasionally come together to allow great changes to be made. We are living through just such a period at the moment. However, unless we argue to case for a collectivist future where wealth is shared by those who labour to create it, then the enemy will recover his poise and retake control.

Come on, folks, as it has been a long, weary three decades. What are you doing to ensure that revenge is taken for those wasted years and to create the conditions under which they will never return?

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