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21 September 2008
The strange case of Natalie Bracht, Mossad & Sunderland social work filth
This is a strange story that I was only alerted to yesterday by this posting from way back in June at Postman Patel's blog. An Anglo-German woman named Natalie Bracht, to say nothing of her five daughters who are aged between five and thirteen, were forced to go on the run on the night of the 17th May because Sunderland social work filth wanted to seize her children. The strange thing about the story is that she hasn't been seen since June, and neither have her children. Press accounts of this affair have been muted to say the least, and since the 23rd June when Natalie issued a press statement, nothing further has been heard of either her or the girls.

To make matters even more complicated, anti-war activist Natalie claims that Mossad tried to recruit her to spy on Muslim groups in Britain. When she refused, so her story goes, it was this intelligence service's sympathisers that started the campaign against her that led to the entry of Sunderland's bovine social work industry into her life.

Wait, because it gets even more complicated with the involvement of a certain Tony Gosling, who is a web-journalist and troofer. According to Gosling's account Natalie was tipped off that the police were about to raid her house and seize the children by Libyan intelligence operatives and it was that information that allowed Frau Bracht to hurriedly pack bags and get out into the night twenty minutes before the Old Bill kicked down the front door of her house. Thanks to Tony Gosling the troofer groups are now involved and everyone is now screaming at everyone else, as the comments to this posting show. Getting to the truth about what happened is not going to be easy under these circumstances.

What is clear is that the social work filth are claiming that Natalie suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder, or in layman's terms, she's a bit of a nutter. Obviously when dealing with the claims of these idiots extreme caution must be used. After all, they are the retards who took Rochdale children into care on the spurious and ludicrous grounds of satanic abuse. In other words Natalie Brach may very well turn out to be a nutter, but just about all and every lump of social work shit is almost certainly a prime mong who deserves nothing more than public ridicule.

Ignoring all the claims and counterclaims there are three questions that any reasonable person would ask about this case. The first is who tipped off Natalie that the plods and social work filth were on their way? Police raids are usually carried out in the early hours of the morning and the participants do not advertise their intentions beforehand. Neither, we assume, would the social work shit who are involved - as far as they are concerned this is one of those knicker-moistening moments of power that they fantasise about, vibrator in hand, and late at night. They are not going to mouth off and ruin their moment of triumph. So who tipped the wink to Natalie?

Secondly, why is this story not all over the media pretty much all the time? There have been reports, but they have been few and far between. If you think about it, a woman and five children on the run is just a good story that would fill a fair few columns of newsprint: yet we are being told very little.

Finally, where the hell is Natalie? A mother with one or two children might be able to vanish, but this one has a platoon of them with her - and the youngest at five is little more than a baby. It sounds impossible that they are still in the UK, but that means that someone helped the family to flee abroad. Furthermore they managed to evade the all-ports watch notice that must have gone out once the police knew that they had escaped.

All of a sudden the notion of foreign involvement in this affair doesn't seem quite so ludicrous, does it?



Histronic often means that you're a normal person under stress - ie about to lose your kids - it's one of those "made up" categories used by the SS to snatch babies.

Natalie according to the Police State was last spotted by CCTV in Muslim gear at Kings Cross. That's about 5 foot away from Eurostar. So lord only knows where she is now.

If she's an anti war activist, it wasn't the brightest thing for Mossad to try and recruit her.
Considering that it's Mossad and Israel and an anti war activist and a German, that's not a marriage made in heaven.

22 September 2008 at 19:27  

Thanks for the info, love.

I do know that when the tribe were filmed that last time they were disguised in Muslim clothes. Four hours earlier they were in normal clothing, so where they got the jim-jam costumes from is anyone's guess given that most of those four hours were spent on a train.

Natalie is Jewish, I think, but I am dubious about the whole Mossad story. I think that she is a bit of a fantasist, and that is what brought her into contact with the troofers who are cut from the same cloth.

22 September 2008 at 22:13  

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