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09 September 2008
The search goes on for the Sarah Palin hot photos
If you have been searching the web for some good information on Sarah Palin then by now you will have read the e-mail that Anne Kilkenny from Wasilla sent to her thirty or so friends. It quickly went viral and an authorised version has now been posted on the website of the Anchorage Daily News. Anne Kilkenny has known Sarah Palin since 1992 and for those of you who are on a sleaze hunt, this e-mail will give you hope that the nude photos that we have all been waiting for really do exist.

Reading the mail it is obvious that Sarah is a bird who tells the punters what they want to hear and then doesn't entirely deliver on the main social promises. Thus as state governor she never once promoted creationism within the Alaskan school system, and neither did she call a special session of the legislature to debate some anti-abortion legislation. In general what she did as both mayor and governor was allow ideas to circulate, then if they seemed popular she would take them up and present them as her own policy initiatives. Sarah also liked to surround herself with people that she had appointed and who relied on her for their jobs - and then kept them scared enough of her so that they remained loyal.

What all this means is that America's MILF is just another political hack who doesn't believe in much beyond herself. That's fine, says the Exile, because it means that the stories of sleaze and extra marital affairs are more likely to be true.

Which is good news for all those of you out there who are just waiting for the hot photos to emerge.



Eventually, something will turn up but, like this one, will be 'shown' to be photoshopped.


11 September 2008 at 14:57  

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