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16 September 2008
Sarah Palin's legs won't save her from Troopergate
Sarah Palin may have the best legs in politics but in every other respect she is your typical political hack. Copying the tactics first employed by the late Richard Nixon may not be the best idea that she has ever come up with, but her options are about as limited as his were during the Watergate Affair. Troopergate is Sarah's version and like Nixon before her she has refused to cooperate with the investigation to examine whether she abused her powers when she pressured state officials to sack her former brother in law who was a state trooper.

More information when we get it. . .



She'll lose McCain the white female independent vote. One look at her, and her anti abortion, even in the case of rape, stance, and you'd be hard pressed to give her your vote as a female.

Obama was slow off the mark - but the pro abortionist and pro feminists will now have the lines of demarcation sorted.

Palin has just made the election, Obama or DIE!!

17 September 2008 at 21:26  

No, she won't. McCain now has a decided advantage in the white female vote over Obama. Most white women always vote GOP, but that had slipped in the polls until Sarah P. arrived on the scene.

18 September 2008 at 17:39  

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