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15 September 2008
Sarah Palin was responsible for charging rape victims for tests
Evidence is now emerging to show that as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin charged rape victims in the town for their medical examinations. As we reported last week, this practise was declared illegal in Alaska in 2000, but it was then unclear if Sarah supported or opposed the measure.

Sarah was elected mayor in October 1996 and the following year she dismissed Irl Stambaugh, the town's police chief, and replaced him with Duwayne Charles Fannon. The policy of charging rape victims for their tests was introduced in 1999 as part of cost cutting measures that were proposed by Fannon. Those measures formed part of the budget that was presented by Mayor Sarah Palin to the Wasilla Council and agreed to by that body. However, the council does not seem to have been made aware of this change as it was slipped through as part of the request for police funding.

So, the policy was originated by Fannon, and agreed to by Sarah Palin who made it part of her budget. Thus it was her policy to charge rape victims, or at least their insurance companies, for their medical examinations and that policy only changed when the Alaska State Legislature declared it illegal in the year 2000.

The only question outstanding at this point is were any women actually charged personally for the tests if they did not have any insurance?

More on that when we get it.



Sarah Palin is, frankly, an idiot. McCain has very shrewdly chosen her for the simple reasons that she is 1, a woman and 2, young. That’s it.

Every woman can see straight through her, anti abortion, anti sex education. Pro Charging rape victims for medical evidence, claims Russian invaded, "thinks" (I loosely using this word here) that Georgia is a member of NATO.

She's a danger to every woman, our rights are under threat, so vote against Sarah Palin.

15 September 2008 at 12:46  

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