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07 September 2008
"Sambo beat the bitch" is the latest smear on Sarah Palin
"So sambo beat the bitch," is alleged to have been Sarah Palin's reaction to the news that Barak Obama had defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Charley James, the source for this story, also claims that Sarah is in the habit of calling Eskimos "arctic Arabs" or "fucking Eskimos". Now, your friendly old Exile reckons that all this amounts to one big smear. That is not to say that the stories certainly aren't true, but the said friendly old Exile is willing to bet money that they aren't.

When considering this latest attack, three factors immediately spring to mind which should create enough doubt in the readers' minds as to the veracity of the tale.

The first is the original source, and how it's presented. We are told by Charley James that a certain Lucille told him the story, and Lucille asked not to have her surname used because she was afraid of retaliation from Sarah's gang. The problem here is that Lucille is then identified as a woman in her late 50s-early 60s who is part Eskimo herself and who works as a waitress, probably in Juneau, the capital city. Given that Alaska only has a population of about 600,000 how difficult would it be to track down Lucille, if she really existed? If she doesn't then the story falls, but if she does and will not use her name for fear of retaliation, then what was James doing giving out all this information about her? The fact that he did suggests that he is either very careless, or that Lucille is a figment of the imagination.

Secondly, Sarah is married to a man who is part Eskimo. It may be just about possible that she could marry such a man and have five children with him, all the while harbouring a secret loathing for that part of him that is Eskimo, but it does stretch the reader's credulity a bit.

Finally, the story is just too pat. It's too neat, and it ties in rather too well with everything that big city liberal America wants to believe about evangelical small town America. If this story wasn't true, then someone would certainly want to invent it - and that is part of the problem with it. When something is too good to be true, then it usually is.

There is another problem with this story and why the Democrats should be cautious about using it. It can rebound on them pretty dramatically and lead to yet more votes for McCain-Palin. It may very well be that there are quite a few people in red state America who actually do think that "sambo beat the bitch" and will be more inclined to vote Republican on the basis of a tale like this. Even more so if they ever read the semi-literate rants that are currently going around the web about it.

The way to get Sarah Palin is to stick with the adultery investigation. If it can be shown that she did wrap her legs around Brad Hanson then that will damage her in the eyes of the people that she was brought on board to motivate. On the other hand, a tale like this only serves to anger people who were already fired up to vote for Obama anyway.

The Republicans just seem to do a better job at this kind of thing, don't they?

The Exile: giving up part of his weekend to get you the latest news. Worth a donation of anyone's money.

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Your reports on this election are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

7 September 2008 at 09:05  

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