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15 September 2008
Obama Waffles: great GOP political satire
Do you remember when nice old Uncle Exile gave you an easy to follow lesson in how to create a political smear? OK, if you were asleep then let me run the basics by you again. A good smear must have three components. It has to be interesting, simple to understand and plausible. Guess what? The Republicans have come up with Obama Waffles, a wheeze that meets all three criteria. Meanwhile the Democrats have been left sucking hind teat as per usual.

Technically it could be argued that this is a satire rather than a smear, but let's not be too pedantic about all this. The three basic criteria are all there, so let's see how they all hang together.

First of all the idea of Obama Waffles is interesting and will make the target audience laugh. It ties in to just about every stereotype that white, conservative America has about black America. The back of the box, not shown here, has Obama in Mexican dress and offers a recipe for "open border fiesta waffles," that will serve "four or more illegal aliens." However, probably the best bit is at the top of the box where Obama is seen in an Arab headdress, next to the words: "Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles."

Now, all of these messages are simple to understand as well as being plausible to the target audience. It ties together the notion of the bug-eyed black kitchen hand who thinks that he is going to the White House, but really won't be leaving the kitchen, with some of his policies, as presented by the GOP. The fact that Obama is no more liberal on matters such as immigration than McCain is neither here nor there. Neither is it important that is is not a Muslim. The smear only has to be plausible to do its job.

These Obama Waffles were put together by Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss who sell them via their website. However, they were then sold at a Republican fund-raising event which started on the 11th September. By Saturday, just 48 hours later, the organisers realised how "offensive" they were and banned further sales. That was clever of them as it gives the GOP deniability and they can claim that they do not support or allow racist sloganeering in the election. However, for two full days the waffles were on sale, so heaven knows how many were sold in that time.

Again, the question has to be asked, what is it about the Democrats that either prevents them from using tactics like this, or fucking those tactics up when they do? It is not as if the Obama Waffles are a new idea - they were sold in 2004 as Waffle King Kerry, according to the website, so the claim that the Democrats couldn't have been prepared for this tactic just won't hold water. Just think about it, the Democrats have John McCain who looks set to be fitted out with a colostomy bag, partnered with Sarah Palin, a woman enmeshed in scandal, who has a son who is a druggie and a daughter who seems to open her legs for half Alaska.

This is an open goal for Democrat propaganda: why are they not taking advantage of it by just copying some of these GOP methods?



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