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24 September 2008
The naked truth about Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson
The National Enquirer has found three members of Brad Hanson's family who have testified that Brad was shagging Sarah during her time as mayor of Wasilla in about 1996. According to Jim Burdett, who was related by marriage to Brad Hanson, the events ran as follows: “Sarah was elected mayor of Wasilla, Brad became a city council member in the nearby town of Palmer, and they started an affair... Todd found out about the affair and was so mad he broke up their partnership at the snowmobile dealership,” according to Burdett. In making that statement to the Enquirer, Jim Burdett agreed to take a lie detector test which he passed. Another souce gave the newspaper a sworn affidavit which confirms the Burdett account.

All this sounds pretty conclusive to your friendly old Exile, and that rather leads us on to the really important question: where are the photos and/or videos? Twelve years ago camera-'phones didn't exist and digital cameras were in their infancy, but surely Brad grabbed a few momentos of the time when Sarah wrapped her legs around him? The odd Polaroid photo from time to time, maybe a bit of video footage that he still has stored in his loft and only brings out when nostalgia overwhelms him?

Brad, mate, the people await your decision: when will you release the goods?

Note: if you are outside the USA accessing the Enquirer's website is difficult. Stick the above URL into an American based proxy and that will do the trick.

Go on - help keep the sleaze flowing by making a donation.



That's the Republicans, sex, orgies, sex, men on the side, teenage pregnancies, sex.

No wonder McCain's looking shattered these days, his campaign has reached orgasmic levels.

David Cameron - are you watching this?? You need to knock up a child bride and we're in!!

25 September 2008 at 00:23  

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