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05 September 2008
McCain Campaign Astroturfs The Message
Do you know what astroturfing is? I thought not. Well an astroturf campaign basically involves getting political supporters to hit a blog or other website with pre-arranged messages from the candidate that they support. It's called Astroturfing because like the fake grass that some team sports are played on, it looks like an authentic message from an individual acting on his own, even though it isn't.

John McCain's team have been recruiting astroturfers to hit selected blogs with the promise that they will score points for each authenticated comment. Those points can then be exchanged for goodies such as an autographed copy of one of McCain's books, a good seat an an event, or even a ride on the campaign bus with Big John himself.

American politics has sunk to a new low with this, and its made even lower by the fact that The Exile is not listed amongst the suggested blogs to hit. People, I looked at some of those blogs and saw their shitty Alexa Ratings and realised that I get more hits than they do!

OK, McCain Campaign: here's your plug for today:
John McCain has a comprehensive economic plan that will create millions of good American jobs, ensure our nation's energy security, get the government's budget and spending practices in order, and bring relief to American consumers. . .
Wasn't that nice? Now I don't want some ghost written drivel from this bugger, nor do I particularly want to travel to the USA to ride on his bus - not unless you are paying the fare that is.

What I want is a Sarah Palin upskirt shot; a high-resolution, one that shows her in tranparent panties, preferably black, so my punters can see moss and sweet Alaskan dew. Failing that I'll settle for a nipslip, but certainly the type of drivel that I have just cut and pasted for you is worth more than a bikini photo. Sorry, it just is.

The Exile: working hard to get you the real stories that you know you want!



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