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22 September 2008
Filth gives grief to Tory
Here's a good one - Tory Councillor Spencer Drury from Greenwich was photographing public buildings in his ward for an election leaflet. He snapped the local police station - or militia headquarters if you prefer - and a van drew up with some filth inside who then started demanding information. Dizzy takes up the story:
When Cllr Drury asked if the officer thought he was a terrorist he was told the answer was "Yes". Council identification was produced, radio communications made and an embarrassed police officer (who presumably got a bollocking) let them go on their way.
Now, the temptation is to call for a National Film the Filth Day and encourage everyone to grab as many shots of the filth as they can, just to annoy the fuckers. The problem with that is that it will only prove that people can go about their lawful business when they are mob handed. The notion that anyone has rights which the state cannot infringe has vanished

It should also be pointed out that it was the Tories who started to ball rolling by giving the filth a nice pay rise in 1980, just to ensure their loyalty for the class war that was just around the corner. So on the one hand the fact that some bastard Tory has now been caught out isn't something that we should worry about all that much.

On the other hand, the reckoning for the way in which the filth acted as an escort agency for every dirty little scab who wanted to walk through a picket line in the 1980s is still outstanding. As socialists our aim is to first and foremost help to undermine the state's authority, to allow that reckoning to take place. The fact that the filth are now picking on the the likes of Spencer Drury should make that job quite a bit easier.

We seriously need to repeal these laws.

Under Jacqui (Stalin) Smith, we've got less freedoms that canaries in a birdcage.

22 September 2008 at 19:15  

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