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19 September 2008
Do you want to read Sarah Palin's e-mails?
Why are Sarah Palin's e-mails important? Basically because she used two Yahoo accounts to conduct Alaskan government business with, probably in an attempt to get round laws that require official government e-mails to be stored as part of the official record. Many of these Yahoo mails were copied to Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, and may deal with the brewing Troopergate investigation. So keen was Sarah to use the Yahoo addresses that when Frank Bailey, one of her aides accidently sent a mail to her official address a secretary reminded him that: "Frank, This is not the Governor's personal account."

Those Yahoo account have now been hacked and details of the mails are all over the web. There doesn't appear to be a smoking gun, and all the mails really show is a politician who doesn't like the press very much, but who did like to keep family photos stored on her Yahoo account. It really is as thin as that.

The hackers are based around a website called 4chan.org and seem to be into what they call Lulzing. Lulz is a corruption of LOL (Laugh Out Loud) an acronym that is much overused on the web, anyway, so these geeks corrupted it into something that would be unintelligible to the average reader. According to this interview between a hacker and a web journalist, Sarah is just seen as fair game by them:
Her absurdity lends itself naturally to Lulz. Her averageness. Her momness. To the kid who doesn't remember Ollie North or Reagan or hear in her rhetoric the echoes of the destructive Reagan-era "culture wars", she is just a clueless lady with a funny accent and a bunch of fucked up kids. And like, of course her password is something stupid, you know?
The problem that these dickheads have created with their attempt to mock Sarah is sympathy for her - especially since the mails are not particularly interesting. They have allowed the Republican campaign machine to go into sanctimonious, self-righteous git mode, and most important of all, they have turned the spotlight back on Sarah just at the moment when it looked as if attention had finally shifted away from her.

What is it about supporters of the Democratic Party that makes them act in such a self destructive way? The GOP must be rubbing its hands in glee at this latest act of stupidity.



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