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18 September 2008
Democrats start looking for excuses
The Democrat excuse machine seems to be gearing itself up to explain away yet another defeat. The excuses are not exactly new, but I am sure that they give comfort to those who give them out. The latest to be trotted out is that it is all the fault of Fox News and the right wing talk radio shows.

Here's the thing that most leftists find hard to understand: people choose their own television channels, radio stations and newspapers according to their particular tastes. Nobody holds a gun to their heads and forces anyone to watch Fox News. They do it because they want to. Furthermore, if those outlets didn't exist, there is no evidence to suggest that people would suddenly switch to the network news and start reading the Washington Post. What the right does is give the people what they want to read, hear and see and which confirms their already existing social values. What the left gives them is a sermon about the evils of the world.

What's the solution? Stop preaching and stop trying to change people's basic core beliefs, because it just won't work. In the American context that means leaving abortion and gun control to the states and concentrating on the mercantile economic policies that people in the so-called Republican heartland will vote for if given the chance.

The Democrats have a slight advantage over the Republicans with their economic polices, anyway. However that is being cancelled out by the GOP's conservative social agenda. If the Democrats could only bring themselves to drop the social planks from their platform, then they should find that they can move further to the strong union, pro-industrial position that used to win them election after election.

It is probably too late for this year, but 2012 is only four years away and those changes need to be made if the Democratic Party is to take back the White House.



As an American, there is much merit to what you have said.

18 September 2008 at 16:58  

Thank you.

Any Republicans listening in can probably take comfort from the fact that nobody will take a blind bit of notice, and things will carry on as they have done for years.

18 September 2008 at 17:37  

Firstly the Democrats have a point, Fox News is so unbalanced and spinning heavily for the Republicans. The Fox Friends show is absolutely awful, no attempt at balance at all, that being said the chance of McCain/Palin winning are not that high. Palin a very interesting lady is patently not ready to hold high office, but will have a high public profile to fight Hillary when they have killed Barak. Daily tracking poll puts Barak @ 48% to 44% McCain, and as the Republican economy goes further down the pan that can only improve for the Dems. The most interesting feature of this race is the youth of America is mobilised and more heavily for the Dems

18 September 2008 at 20:18  

Leadership is the missing ingredient... Where are the independents??

19 September 2008 at 00:04  

Neither was Harry Truman or any other Veep who took over the top spot. That's the thing, the USA is a country of institutions and the President doesn't have to hold a degree in "How to govern the USA".

The independents are those who are not registered as either Dem or GOP. They swing either way, so it is not like Wales, say, where independents have formed a political faction in the council chambers.

19 September 2008 at 01:05  

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