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12 September 2008
The British People's Alliance Website
David Lindsay has written in to say that the British People's Alliance has now got its own website.

I must be honest and say that the website is lacking something. Actually, it is lacking rather a lot since David is using a Wordpress template which he needs to get rid of as quickly as possible. There are plenty of companies that offer off the shelf templates and David really needs to grab one as soon as possible and get rid of the existing design. FinalSense.com provided me with the free template that I use for this blog and they have a nice range of website templates as well. Some are free, and the average price of the ones that are for sale comes to about £25.00. Well worth the month, I think.

That aside, David is clearly trying to get his new party off the ground, and I wish him luck. The politics seem to be a mix of old style Distributionism, mixed in with some new ideas that are David's alone. He may not have the success that he hopes with this new venture, but at least he is trying to swim against the tide of consumerist madness that has swept the land over the past generation or so.

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