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15 September 2008
Barak campaign hits back - or not.

Following right along from my earlier posting which looked at how the Republicans are winning the propaganda war, I see from the Guardian that Team Obama has begun to hit back. Or not, as the case may be. . .

1. David Plouffe the campaign manager has sent out a very strongly worded e-mail indeed. It's over 1,100 words long and that's all one paragraph, so hardly any of the recipients will bother reading it, but it is strongly worded. David has a good moan about how McCain isn't playing fair.

2. A new campaign advert has just gone out which makes the point that McCain doesn't know how to use a computer. How's that for fighting back? The McCain team are going to shit their loads at that one - with laughter, but it's a start.

3. A group of Girl Scouts - that's what the Americans call the Girl Guides - have now received some free Obama merchandise. It's true that it took a newspaper's intervention and it's also true that the McCain crew sent their merchandise off to the group by return of post, but it is nice to see that the Obama team is finally getting the message out.

Seriously, the message that they are getting out is that they are a bunch of limp-dicked losers who are going nowhere. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on an American car which read:

Barak HUSSEIN Obama? I don't fucking think so.

Neither do I.



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