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30 September 2008
House fails to pass rescue package
The much talked about £380 million Wall Street rescue package has now gone seriously tits up after having been thrown out by the American House of Representatives. As the politicians try to pin the blame for this fiasco on each other, let's look at some of the reasons for the failure.

The first is that it had the George Bush seal of approval. He said that if the measure didn't pass then the economy would grind to a halt. He also once said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Nobody really believes a word that he says, nor wants to be associated with any of his policies.

Secondly, the entire House is up for election in November and each member is snowed under with e-mails, faxes and telephone calls from their constituents who are demanding that saving Wall Street's fat cats whilst the little people lose their homes is not an option. At least not an option for a Representative who wants to be returned in November. . .

Finally, this package did not have anywhere near enough bacon products. It may be argued that pork should be the last thing on anyone's mind, but that is not the point. A bridge here and a new military base there would have helped ensure the bill's passage as they could have been presented to reluctant voters as a quid pro quo. The punters would have bought it, but the Representatives couldn't deliver because the money just isn't there.

As to what happens next, that is anyone's guess as well. In theory all this should hurt John McCain's bid for the White House, but given the strange way that this election has gone up to now even that is unclear at the moment.

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Can Obama sway the Scots-Irish? The answer is probably not
We looked recently at how the Democrats have managed to alienate the Catholic vote in the USA, now let's turn our attention to another group, the Scots-Irish. They normally vote Republican, but might be expected to switch given the state of the economy. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be happening.

If you only read one article about the USA and its culture then the one I urge you to take in is The Appalachian Problem by Peter J. Boyer, from the latest edition of the New Yorker. Boyer looks at the Scots-Irish, who make up the bulk of the white population in Appalachia and concludes that Obama just isn't reaching them. According to Dave Mudflat Saunders, a man who combines Democrat beliefs and Scots-Irish values:
Obama’s “Change” message... is too abstract, too vague, for the region. “Those people . . . were screwed by the English in Scotland and Ireland way before they came over here and started getting screwed,” he said. “They’ve been screwed since the dawn of time. And you know what? You ain’t gonna do anything with them, talkin’ about change. You know why? We’re all changed out. That’s all you ever hear, every election. Somebody’s gonna change some shit. Nothin’ ever changes. We get fucked.”
What these people need to hear from Obama are concrete proposals that they can believe in, which will ensure that jobs return to their areas. What they are getting is either waffle, or policies that they know will tell against them. Thus when Joe Biden said, "No coal plants here in America," as he did recently in Ohio, that strikes directly at the heart of Appalachia with its coal mining tradition. As far as Obama is concerned he may very well have described the USA as the "Saudi Arabia of coal," but he is also on record as dismissing the whole industry as "dirty energy". What that means is that he flip-flops on policy matters: a waffler who flip-flops - the man is a Republican wet dream.

The problem is that Obama doesn't have those policies, and thus he has nothing to offer the God fearing, gun carrying, anti-abortion voters who are of Scots-Irish descent.


29 September 2008
Who is responsible for the Bradford & Bingley collapse?
Why has the Bradford & Bingley Bank gone tits up, leaving those British people who still have jobs and pay tax with a debt of £41 billion? Of course some of the people who took out mortgages with B&B will be able to pay their debts, but the bulk of the debt is buy to let and self-certification loans that can only be described as toxic in the present climate.

So who is responsible for this latest disaster? It is tempting to blame the spivs who ran the show, since they are the ones who singed off on these loans in the first place. We might also blame the Nu-Labour government that refused to bring the City to heel when it came into office back in 1997. It's also tempting to launch into another tirade against the Thatcher government that allowed deregulation a generation ago. However, none of these creatures are really to blame: the guilty men and women are actually the mugs who bought into the whole idea of popular capitalism in the first place - and there are millions of the silly fuckers.

The Bradford & Bingley Building Society dates back to 1851 and was run as a solid, northern mutual society that was owned by its members. For every pound that a depositor invested, he was entitled to one vote at the society's annual general meeting. The society acted as a savings institution that offered a slightly higher rate of interest to its depositors than a bank, and it offered good mortgage terms to carefully selected customers who it believed could repay their loans.

Life was not only simple, but the mutual societies offered a varient of capitalism that was not rapacious, and which benefited just about everyone who got involved with it. Then one fine day in the year 2000 stupidity kicked in and the B&B's members voted to abolish their mutual status and float the new bank on the stock market.

They did this on the basis of a promised windfall that would average £730 worth of free shares in the new company, a promise that was not kept when the flotation turned into a farce that left them with just £600. To make matter even more risible, the conversion needed the support of 75% of the society's depositors and 51% of its mortgage holders. This latter group had been warned that their mortgage rate would rise to that of a bank once the conversion had been made, but the dickheads still voted for it. Proof, if proof were ever needed, that turkeys will vote for Christmas if they are managed right.

What is the lesson that we can draw from this latest bout of capitalist hilarity? Basically that the old regulations worked very well indeed, and that a clear line needs to be drawn between banks and their shareholders and mutual societies and their members. The latter exist to benefit their members, but also society at large, since by not handing out mortgages willy-nilly they encourage saving and thrift. Once the dust has cleared from the credit crisis that Britain is going through at the moment, the demand needs to be made that the old division between banks and building societies needs to be redrawn.

By the way, there are still a few mutual societies in operation and the largest is the Nationwide Building Society. In many ways it operates as a bank, as it offers cheque book facilities, but it is still a mutual and should be supported on that basis.


28 September 2008
Sarah Palin: genuine swimsuit photo

Photos and videos of Sarah Palin in her swimming costume from beauty pageant days are now starting to emerge. Thanks to the Daily Mail we have the one on the left, and you can thank your friendly old Exile for the crack shot below.

Yes, I realise that the Republicans are leading us by the dicks on this, and by posting these photos I am helping keep luscious Sarah in the public eye, which is what they want. All I can say is that it isn't my country and all I am interested in is keeping my punters happy and my hit counter whirring.


27 September 2008
So who won the first presidential debate?
Who won the first presidential debate held last night? The Guardian and Independent both called it a draw, whilst the BBC had McCain narowly ahead on points. Toby Harnden in the Daily Telegraph said that Obama emerged slightly in front, but Gerald Warner in the same paper said that McCain came out looking the victor. It really came down to perception, and that is usually based on where the writer's sympathy's lay in the first place.

American presidential debates are invariably tedious to a British viewer since neither man is really interested in trying to grind his opponent into the dust. The carefully rehearsed aim is to rally their supporters and try to influence as many of the undecided voters as possible. A more free-flowing debate, with supporters of both candidates making up the audience and shouting, cheering and jeering along as the debate unfolded would make for a better event, but there would then be the possibility of one debater actually being seen to lose by his own supporters. That cannot be allowed to happen with the result that we have to watch these sterile events which actually degrade the whole concept of political debate.


Cindy McCain, drugs & cover ups
Well, it only took them a month, but the Democrats have finally come up with an attack line that can be used against John McCain: or at least Mark Ames of Exiled Online has come up with one for them. It involves Cindy McCain, and her bright, shining eyes. The reason why she has them, says Mark Ames, is that she is smashed out of her skull on heroin-type drugs. For years she was either stealing them from the third world charity that she set up and ran, or getting a tame doctor within the organisation to give her prescriptions, often in other people's names, to make everything legal. However, when this cosy arrangement began to collapse the people who had helped her were thrown to the wolves, the doctor was struck off the medical register, and the story was spun by McCain's political machine that Cindy was a heroine who battled ferociously to overcome her addiction.

Do you remember when your friendly old Exile laid down the three golden rules for a political smear? Well, they apply to attacks that may be true as well. The tale has to be plausible, simple to understand and interesting, and all those rules certainly apply to this story.

The story is plausible because the lady does have freaky eyes - and as Ames points out, having done his homework - eyes like that are a sign of a happy-camper indeed. The tale is certainly easy to grasp, but unlike many of the other Democrat attacks, it is also interesting on many levels.

The point about this narrative isn't that Cindy McCain is a stoned out of her pretty little skull junkie - that's the least of it. The point is the cover-up and the spinning of the tale to make her look all cuddly. That narrative cuts directly into the McCain theme which is that he is an outsider, a maverick, a man who will take on the political establishment. The point is that only a fully paid up member of the establishment could have arranged to keep Cindy out of the slammer - and that is what McCain did.

What the Democrats need to do is use this narrative to influence undecided voters in the marginal states. Those wavering voters are turned off by Barack Obama's elitist style, so the aim must be to show that McCain is cut from the same cloth. Maybe they won't vote for Obama, but if they can be persuaded not to vote at all that could mean that the Democrats might win states like Virginia, especially given the way that the Democrat base is all fired up for this election.

Just to repeat the old addage: it's not the crime, it's the cover up that matters. Cindy's drug taking is only important because of the way in which John McCain helped cover it up. The narrative is about him and his membership of the old establishment that heartland America loathes.


26 September 2008
Sarah Palin to ride John McCain's chopper
It's official: Sarah Palin will ride John McCain's chopper all the way to the White House.

McCain's chopper comes courtesy of a motorbike dealer in California and the Popbitch e-mail - sign up here, you know that you want to - reports that he doesn't have a license for it. However, the USA is not like Britain and most states don't have a separate license for motorbikes and cars. Anyway, as Brad Hanson will confirm, no man needs a license to ride Sarah.

McCain's war injuries may mean that he can't reach the handlebars, so your friendly old Exile reckons that Sarah can sit at the front and hold them whilst McCain concentrates on the controls so that his chopper slides easily towards its destination. Aaaaah!

Sarah's reaction when asked to comment on the size of McCain's chopper is pictured on the left, but looking at the photo above of the actual chopper the Exile reckons that she is in for a nice surprise.

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How the Bradley Effect may tell against Obama
The opinion polls give Barack Obama a lead of between three and five percent over John McCain in the race for the White House. Unfortunately that will not be enough if the Bradley Effect kicks in; as to overcome that tendency Obama needs a ten percent lead at least.

The Bradley Effect is named after Tom Bradley, a black candidate who narrowly lost the 1982 race for California's governorship after having led consistently in the polls. What happened was that voters lied to the pollsters about their voting intentions and then cast ballots for the white candidate in the privacy of the voting booths.

It is usually seen as a white voter trend, but it effects Hispanic voters to an even greater extent. Hispanics are a major part of the Democrats' voting coalition and the polls show two-thirds of them breaking for Obama. The question is, will they carry through with their pledges when they reach the polling stations?

Hispanics and blacks tend not to get along very well largely because they both compete for the same minimum wage jobs and Latinos have a proven track record of not voting for black candidates. If we couple that with the Democratic Party's determination to alienate the Catholics with its stance on abortion, then we have a recipe for an Hispanic desertion of the party in November.

This election is becoming very interesting indeed.


25 September 2008
Irish are CIA stooges, claims federast
Do you remember when the Irish voted against the European Constitution? Well, according to some federasts the reason why they did that was that some Irish politicians are in the pay of the wicked CIA.

This idea is kicking around the European Parliament and seems to have been thought up by the German MEP Daniel Cohn Bendit, and has now been taken up by others. The fact that the Americans have always supported a strong European Union and did secretly support the yes campaign during Britain's 1975 referendum, seems to have passed these nutters by. Besides, what on earth do the Americans have to gain from opposing an EU that would carry more of Europe's defence bill?

What we are seeing here is a European elite that is afraid of the people and knows that most of us are indifferent to the EU at best, and downright hostile to it at worst. That is why they are opposed to blogging because blogs are out of their control, unlike the elite owned newspapers and television stations.

Hence the smear about the Irish. What the federasts are really saying is that the people are too stupid to be allowed to make decisions because when they do, they occasionally come up with the wrong one. Wrong for the elite that is - wrong for the elite.


24 September 2008
The naked truth about Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson
The National Enquirer has found three members of Brad Hanson's family who have testified that Brad was shagging Sarah during her time as mayor of Wasilla in about 1996. According to Jim Burdett, who was related by marriage to Brad Hanson, the events ran as follows: “Sarah was elected mayor of Wasilla, Brad became a city council member in the nearby town of Palmer, and they started an affair... Todd found out about the affair and was so mad he broke up their partnership at the snowmobile dealership,” according to Burdett. In making that statement to the Enquirer, Jim Burdett agreed to take a lie detector test which he passed. Another souce gave the newspaper a sworn affidavit which confirms the Burdett account.

All this sounds pretty conclusive to your friendly old Exile, and that rather leads us on to the really important question: where are the photos and/or videos? Twelve years ago camera-'phones didn't exist and digital cameras were in their infancy, but surely Brad grabbed a few momentos of the time when Sarah wrapped her legs around him? The odd Polaroid photo from time to time, maybe a bit of video footage that he still has stored in his loft and only brings out when nostalgia overwhelms him?

Brad, mate, the people await your decision: when will you release the goods?

Note: if you are outside the USA accessing the Enquirer's website is difficult. Stick the above URL into an American based proxy and that will do the trick.

Go on - help keep the sleaze flowing by making a donation.


Democrats alienate Catholics
Just as British Catholics are now deserting the Labour Party so their American counterparts may be about to abandon the Democrats to their fate. It is as if the Democrats want to rub Catholic noses in the party's support for Roe v. Wade, and at the same time almost force the church hierarchy to take a stand against Democratic Party politicians because of the their misrepresentation of Catholic theology.

When the Democrats met in Denver to endorse the party's election platform, they stated quite clearly that: "The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right." Barack Obama in his acceptance speech then confirmed that plank, and the party then began to run adverts claiming that the Republicans would overturn Roe v. Wade. Put simply, abortion is a major issue in this election because the Democrats chose to make it one. They cannot complain if it turns out to be a vote loser for them.

To make matters even worse, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who is also a Catholic, along with Nancy Pelosi, the Catholic Speaker of the House, then earned the wrath of their church by misrepresenting Catholic dogma on abortion. Faced with that garbled travesty of what the church believes the bishops had to get involved and issue a clarification of the correct theological position. What this meant was that even if the church hadn't wanted to get involved in the election, the fat mouthed stupidity of Biden and Pelosi meant that they had to issue a statement.

Although the president doesn't make the laws, and cannot ban abortion even if he wanted to, the battle lines for this election have now been drawn and place the Democrats firmly in the pro-abortion camp. Not only that, but they do not have any wriggle room - they have seen to that one themselves.

The Republicans by way of contrast have quite a bit of wriggle room. Sarah Palin may be firmly anti-abortion, but John McCain isn't. In other words Palin can talk to the base about the evils of abortion while McCain is discussing other issues. That party has not been committed to anything just because Sarah Palin makes a speech or two.

Having been dragged into the election, the Catholic Church has lost no time in reminding people at every opportunity of its anti-abortion position. That will not effect all American Catholics, but it is going to effect some of them - especially those who are from a Latin-American background and who live in the swing states such as Florida. Conversely, the pro-abortion voters were probably never going to vote Republican anyway, so the Democrats have lost votes on the swings and gained nothing on the roundabout.

Why did they do it? Probably hubris - they thought that the election was in the bag and nothing could stop their march to victory. As the election tightens with the two candidates neck and neck that was another big mistake that they made.


23 September 2008
Are you ready for the great crash of 2008?
It's nice to see proof of the old adage that things change but stay the same. On Friday of last week the American government put forward a multi-million dollar rescue package to try and save Wall Street and by Monday the wheels appeared to have fallen off it. Back on Friday the 25th October 1929 a consortium of heavyweight bankers tried to save the falling market by spending millions to buy shares at above their market values. At least that held the market for all of four days until the 29th when things went seriously pear shaped.

The other thing that stayed the same was the main cause of both crashes which was a surfeit of easy credit. Whether it was allowing people to buy shares with ninety percent credit or allowing them to finance a lifestyle with a credit card and cheap mortgages, the end result is the same. A bubble is created and sooner or later it will burst.

As for the mugs who got a class above themselves and are now going to lose their homes, those of us who never entered into the financial merry-go-round in the first place can now sit back and enjoy the show.

The house lights are going down and the main feature is about to begin!


22 September 2008
Filth gives grief to Tory
Here's a good one - Tory Councillor Spencer Drury from Greenwich was photographing public buildings in his ward for an election leaflet. He snapped the local police station - or militia headquarters if you prefer - and a van drew up with some filth inside who then started demanding information. Dizzy takes up the story:
When Cllr Drury asked if the officer thought he was a terrorist he was told the answer was "Yes". Council identification was produced, radio communications made and an embarrassed police officer (who presumably got a bollocking) let them go on their way.
Now, the temptation is to call for a National Film the Filth Day and encourage everyone to grab as many shots of the filth as they can, just to annoy the fuckers. The problem with that is that it will only prove that people can go about their lawful business when they are mob handed. The notion that anyone has rights which the state cannot infringe has vanished

It should also be pointed out that it was the Tories who started to ball rolling by giving the filth a nice pay rise in 1980, just to ensure their loyalty for the class war that was just around the corner. So on the one hand the fact that some bastard Tory has now been caught out isn't something that we should worry about all that much.

On the other hand, the reckoning for the way in which the filth acted as an escort agency for every dirty little scab who wanted to walk through a picket line in the 1980s is still outstanding. As socialists our aim is to first and foremost help to undermine the state's authority, to allow that reckoning to take place. The fact that the filth are now picking on the the likes of Spencer Drury should make that job quite a bit easier.
Tomorrow belongs to whom?
Nu-Labour is facing a meltdown at the polls and that coupled with the financial meltdown should be enough to provide more than a few hollow laughs for those who have spent the past thirty years wondering when the next bastard job is going to turn up.

The left should be cock-a-hoop about all this, with everyone and his brother arguing about the quickest way to stick the final boot into the system that has now screwed over a generation of working people.

Sadly this isn't happening. The British working class seems to be sitting on the sidelines and doing sweet fuck all to take advantage of the greatest opportunity to force change on the system since the 1930s. A generation ago the Labour left and the Communist Party came up with the Alternative Economic Strategy - what are we supposed to do, dust that off and use it today? Is that the best that we can do?

Circumstances occasionally come together to allow great changes to be made. We are living through just such a period at the moment. However, unless we argue to case for a collectivist future where wealth is shared by those who labour to create it, then the enemy will recover his poise and retake control.

Come on, folks, as it has been a long, weary three decades. What are you doing to ensure that revenge is taken for those wasted years and to create the conditions under which they will never return?
21 September 2008
The strange case of Natalie Bracht, Mossad & Sunderland social work filth
This is a strange story that I was only alerted to yesterday by this posting from way back in June at Postman Patel's blog. An Anglo-German woman named Natalie Bracht, to say nothing of her five daughters who are aged between five and thirteen, were forced to go on the run on the night of the 17th May because Sunderland social work filth wanted to seize her children. The strange thing about the story is that she hasn't been seen since June, and neither have her children. Press accounts of this affair have been muted to say the least, and since the 23rd June when Natalie issued a press statement, nothing further has been heard of either her or the girls.

To make matters even more complicated, anti-war activist Natalie claims that Mossad tried to recruit her to spy on Muslim groups in Britain. When she refused, so her story goes, it was this intelligence service's sympathisers that started the campaign against her that led to the entry of Sunderland's bovine social work industry into her life.

Wait, because it gets even more complicated with the involvement of a certain Tony Gosling, who is a web-journalist and troofer. According to Gosling's account Natalie was tipped off that the police were about to raid her house and seize the children by Libyan intelligence operatives and it was that information that allowed Frau Bracht to hurriedly pack bags and get out into the night twenty minutes before the Old Bill kicked down the front door of her house. Thanks to Tony Gosling the troofer groups are now involved and everyone is now screaming at everyone else, as the comments to this posting show. Getting to the truth about what happened is not going to be easy under these circumstances.

What is clear is that the social work filth are claiming that Natalie suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder, or in layman's terms, she's a bit of a nutter. Obviously when dealing with the claims of these idiots extreme caution must be used. After all, they are the retards who took Rochdale children into care on the spurious and ludicrous grounds of satanic abuse. In other words Natalie Brach may very well turn out to be a nutter, but just about all and every lump of social work shit is almost certainly a prime mong who deserves nothing more than public ridicule.

Ignoring all the claims and counterclaims there are three questions that any reasonable person would ask about this case. The first is who tipped off Natalie that the plods and social work filth were on their way? Police raids are usually carried out in the early hours of the morning and the participants do not advertise their intentions beforehand. Neither, we assume, would the social work shit who are involved - as far as they are concerned this is one of those knicker-moistening moments of power that they fantasise about, vibrator in hand, and late at night. They are not going to mouth off and ruin their moment of triumph. So who tipped the wink to Natalie?

Secondly, why is this story not all over the media pretty much all the time? There have been reports, but they have been few and far between. If you think about it, a woman and five children on the run is just a good story that would fill a fair few columns of newsprint: yet we are being told very little.

Finally, where the hell is Natalie? A mother with one or two children might be able to vanish, but this one has a platoon of them with her - and the youngest at five is little more than a baby. It sounds impossible that they are still in the UK, but that means that someone helped the family to flee abroad. Furthermore they managed to evade the all-ports watch notice that must have gone out once the police knew that they had escaped.

All of a sudden the notion of foreign involvement in this affair doesn't seem quite so ludicrous, does it?


20 September 2008
Dems provide yet more ammunition to the GOP
As soon as I saw this piece in the New York Times I could smell trouble. Virginia hasn't voted Democrat in a presidential election since Lyndon Johnson took the state in 1964, but a massive population growth in the northern part during the last eight years has now made Virginia very marginal indeed:

Mr. McCain is expected to draw strong support from the more rural and southwest areas of the state, particularly among white working-class men... Support for Mr. Obama is much stronger in the northeastern section of the state, especially in places like Fairfax County, near Washington, whose population is younger, wealthier, better educated and more diverse.
That is the kicker, the bit about "better educated and more diverse." As opposed presumably to all those in-breds down south who look like extras from Deliverance.

Is that what the writer meant? Probably not - but that is how it will be presented, I reasoned. Sure enough a quick search revealed that rightist sites are playing up that asinine comment for all it is worth.

Obama the elitist snob is something that the right has been playing on for some months now - witness the poster above and the Michelle Malkin comment that first publicised it back in April of this year.

Giving them yet more ammunition to use in that charge is actually not a very good idea.


19 September 2008
This isn't an upskirt, it's a zipdown!
Well, it's easier than taking an upskirt shot - just wait around for some careless girl to give us a zipdown that flashes her red thong in the street. What a careless girl she is to be sure; do you think that someone should have told her? No? Neither does Team Exile.

Congratulations to the quick witted street photographer who got the shot, and thanks to the reader who sent it in.


Do you want to read Sarah Palin's e-mails?
Why are Sarah Palin's e-mails important? Basically because she used two Yahoo accounts to conduct Alaskan government business with, probably in an attempt to get round laws that require official government e-mails to be stored as part of the official record. Many of these Yahoo mails were copied to Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, and may deal with the brewing Troopergate investigation. So keen was Sarah to use the Yahoo addresses that when Frank Bailey, one of her aides accidently sent a mail to her official address a secretary reminded him that: "Frank, This is not the Governor's personal account."

Those Yahoo account have now been hacked and details of the mails are all over the web. There doesn't appear to be a smoking gun, and all the mails really show is a politician who doesn't like the press very much, but who did like to keep family photos stored on her Yahoo account. It really is as thin as that.

The hackers are based around a website called 4chan.org and seem to be into what they call Lulzing. Lulz is a corruption of LOL (Laugh Out Loud) an acronym that is much overused on the web, anyway, so these geeks corrupted it into something that would be unintelligible to the average reader. According to this interview between a hacker and a web journalist, Sarah is just seen as fair game by them:
Her absurdity lends itself naturally to Lulz. Her averageness. Her momness. To the kid who doesn't remember Ollie North or Reagan or hear in her rhetoric the echoes of the destructive Reagan-era "culture wars", she is just a clueless lady with a funny accent and a bunch of fucked up kids. And like, of course her password is something stupid, you know?
The problem that these dickheads have created with their attempt to mock Sarah is sympathy for her - especially since the mails are not particularly interesting. They have allowed the Republican campaign machine to go into sanctimonious, self-righteous git mode, and most important of all, they have turned the spotlight back on Sarah just at the moment when it looked as if attention had finally shifted away from her.

What is it about supporters of the Democratic Party that makes them act in such a self destructive way? The GOP must be rubbing its hands in glee at this latest act of stupidity.


18 September 2008
Democrats start looking for excuses
The Democrat excuse machine seems to be gearing itself up to explain away yet another defeat. The excuses are not exactly new, but I am sure that they give comfort to those who give them out. The latest to be trotted out is that it is all the fault of Fox News and the right wing talk radio shows.

Here's the thing that most leftists find hard to understand: people choose their own television channels, radio stations and newspapers according to their particular tastes. Nobody holds a gun to their heads and forces anyone to watch Fox News. They do it because they want to. Furthermore, if those outlets didn't exist, there is no evidence to suggest that people would suddenly switch to the network news and start reading the Washington Post. What the right does is give the people what they want to read, hear and see and which confirms their already existing social values. What the left gives them is a sermon about the evils of the world.

What's the solution? Stop preaching and stop trying to change people's basic core beliefs, because it just won't work. In the American context that means leaving abortion and gun control to the states and concentrating on the mercantile economic policies that people in the so-called Republican heartland will vote for if given the chance.

The Democrats have a slight advantage over the Republicans with their economic polices, anyway. However that is being cancelled out by the GOP's conservative social agenda. If the Democrats could only bring themselves to drop the social planks from their platform, then they should find that they can move further to the strong union, pro-industrial position that used to win them election after election.

It is probably too late for this year, but 2012 is only four years away and those changes need to be made if the Democratic Party is to take back the White House.


17 September 2008
Raffella Fico's virginity for sale at €1 million
What's the best way for a girl to lose her virginity? Italian model Raffella Fico, 20, reckons that it should go to the first man who can pony up €1,000,000, which works out at about £800,000 at today's rate of exchange.

There seems to be a trend at the moment as girls seeking to get rich quick offer up that which is more precious than a jewel to the man who can stuff their bank accounts, before going on to stuff them.

Natalie Dylan on the right is a 22 year old American, who is offering her honour for $1,000,000. The fellow who honours her offer then gets to go on her and off her all night long at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada where her sister works.

Now, the whole thing may sound like something virgin on the ridiculous to you, but remember that most girls get their cherries popped these days on the back seat of some spotty teenager's car when pissed out of their brains, so good luck to both girls, says the avuncular, but skint, old Exile.


16 September 2008
Sarah Palin's legs won't save her from Troopergate
Sarah Palin may have the best legs in politics but in every other respect she is your typical political hack. Copying the tactics first employed by the late Richard Nixon may not be the best idea that she has ever come up with, but her options are about as limited as his were during the Watergate Affair. Troopergate is Sarah's version and like Nixon before her she has refused to cooperate with the investigation to examine whether she abused her powers when she pressured state officials to sack her former brother in law who was a state trooper.

More information when we get it. . .


Abortion: how a 527 group is framing the debate

Let's stick with the theme of the 527 groups and look at how they are helping shape the American political debate in a way that will seem alien to my British readers.

An anti-abortion group called BornAliveTruth.org has entered the fray as a 527 outfit with an advert that can be seen at the bottom of this posting. The advert cost some $350,000 to make and will run on cable networks in the swing states. The argument is that as a state senator Barack Obama voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act when it was debated in the state's legislature. His argument is that he was concerned about the wording of this state act, and was afraid that it would conflict with Roe v. Wade. However, if you watch the CNN report above, you can see that this argument is leaky at best.

BornAliveTruth.org has adopted a very clever strategy with this advert. They are not going head to head with the pro-abortion advocates and arguing about the rights and wrongs of abortion per se. What they are doing is pointing out that Obama, in effect, was willing to let babies who survived an abortion be then left to die.

The problem that Obama has is that his counter argument is fairly sophisticated and not very convincing. The 527 group has a simple message that is easy to assimilate - and I am betting that many people will take the message to heart. The interesting thing about this group is the way that it is targetting not the committed anti-abortionists, but the waverers. People who may be pro-abortion, but who find the idea of leaving babies to die revolting.

Obama has to reply to these charges - or let them go to McCain by default - and at the same time he must counter the arguments that the official GOP machine is levelling at him. In other words he is fighting a war on two fronts; one the official conflict and the other the guerrilla war that the 527 groups are waging to undermine public confidence in Obama the man.



Obama unleashes the 527 groups
Barack Obama thought that he had an implicit deal with John McCain whereby both teams would reign in their 527 groups to ensure a clean election, and on that basis he told his people not to form or contribute to any such group. That was another of his big mistakes which he is trying to recover from, and the word has now gone out that Democrat 527 groups can start appealing for funds and then mount their campaigns. The problem is, has Obama left it too late?

A 527 group is named after a section of the American tax code which allows for tax exemption status for political advocacy groups that are not directly connected to a political party. A 527 group cannot support a particular candidate, but what it can do is support an issue. Although the Democrats have more 527 groups supporting their causes, it is the Republicans who are famous for the effectiveness of their groups, such as the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth who helped to demolish John Kerry's candidacy in 2004.

What may have changed Obama's mind is the decision of a 527 group called the Clarion Fund to distribute 28 million copies of a terror scare DVD called Obsession. The Clarion Fund involves the usual gang of right wing nutters such as Daniel Pipes and is tied in to a second organisation called WatchObsession.org which is also helping with the distribution of the DVDs. They take the view that there is a quantitative difference between Islamic bombers and those who enjoy blasting abortion clinics. That is on the basis that the "clinic bombers do not want to take over the country, as Muslim terrorists do." It might be argued that the Muslims want to change American foreign policy whereas the Christian based head-the-balls really do want to take over the USA, so they have got that one arse-about, but you can't argue with nutters who want to appeal to knuckle-draggers.

Has Obama been terminally wrong-footed by his mistake not to encourage independent groups to go to bat on his behalf? Raising funds to create videos and other agitprop materials should not be all that difficult, and certainly you would expect the film and television industries to lend their expertise to whatever projects emerge.

The problem is that it takes time for a message to sink in to the popular consciousness, and that leads inexorably to the question, do Obama and his supporters have the time left to create the image that they want of John McCain and the Republicans?


15 September 2008
Barak campaign hits back - or not.

Following right along from my earlier posting which looked at how the Republicans are winning the propaganda war, I see from the Guardian that Team Obama has begun to hit back. Or not, as the case may be. . .

1. David Plouffe the campaign manager has sent out a very strongly worded e-mail indeed. It's over 1,100 words long and that's all one paragraph, so hardly any of the recipients will bother reading it, but it is strongly worded. David has a good moan about how McCain isn't playing fair.

2. A new campaign advert has just gone out which makes the point that McCain doesn't know how to use a computer. How's that for fighting back? The McCain team are going to shit their loads at that one - with laughter, but it's a start.

3. A group of Girl Scouts - that's what the Americans call the Girl Guides - have now received some free Obama merchandise. It's true that it took a newspaper's intervention and it's also true that the McCain crew sent their merchandise off to the group by return of post, but it is nice to see that the Obama team is finally getting the message out.

Seriously, the message that they are getting out is that they are a bunch of limp-dicked losers who are going nowhere. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on an American car which read:

Barak HUSSEIN Obama? I don't fucking think so.

Neither do I.


Sarah Palin was responsible for charging rape victims for tests
Evidence is now emerging to show that as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin charged rape victims in the town for their medical examinations. As we reported last week, this practise was declared illegal in Alaska in 2000, but it was then unclear if Sarah supported or opposed the measure.

Sarah was elected mayor in October 1996 and the following year she dismissed Irl Stambaugh, the town's police chief, and replaced him with Duwayne Charles Fannon. The policy of charging rape victims for their tests was introduced in 1999 as part of cost cutting measures that were proposed by Fannon. Those measures formed part of the budget that was presented by Mayor Sarah Palin to the Wasilla Council and agreed to by that body. However, the council does not seem to have been made aware of this change as it was slipped through as part of the request for police funding.

So, the policy was originated by Fannon, and agreed to by Sarah Palin who made it part of her budget. Thus it was her policy to charge rape victims, or at least their insurance companies, for their medical examinations and that policy only changed when the Alaska State Legislature declared it illegal in the year 2000.

The only question outstanding at this point is were any women actually charged personally for the tests if they did not have any insurance?

More on that when we get it.


Obama Waffles: great GOP political satire
Do you remember when nice old Uncle Exile gave you an easy to follow lesson in how to create a political smear? OK, if you were asleep then let me run the basics by you again. A good smear must have three components. It has to be interesting, simple to understand and plausible. Guess what? The Republicans have come up with Obama Waffles, a wheeze that meets all three criteria. Meanwhile the Democrats have been left sucking hind teat as per usual.

Technically it could be argued that this is a satire rather than a smear, but let's not be too pedantic about all this. The three basic criteria are all there, so let's see how they all hang together.

First of all the idea of Obama Waffles is interesting and will make the target audience laugh. It ties in to just about every stereotype that white, conservative America has about black America. The back of the box, not shown here, has Obama in Mexican dress and offers a recipe for "open border fiesta waffles," that will serve "four or more illegal aliens." However, probably the best bit is at the top of the box where Obama is seen in an Arab headdress, next to the words: "Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles."

Now, all of these messages are simple to understand as well as being plausible to the target audience. It ties together the notion of the bug-eyed black kitchen hand who thinks that he is going to the White House, but really won't be leaving the kitchen, with some of his policies, as presented by the GOP. The fact that Obama is no more liberal on matters such as immigration than McCain is neither here nor there. Neither is it important that is is not a Muslim. The smear only has to be plausible to do its job.

These Obama Waffles were put together by Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss who sell them via their website. However, they were then sold at a Republican fund-raising event which started on the 11th September. By Saturday, just 48 hours later, the organisers realised how "offensive" they were and banned further sales. That was clever of them as it gives the GOP deniability and they can claim that they do not support or allow racist sloganeering in the election. However, for two full days the waffles were on sale, so heaven knows how many were sold in that time.

Again, the question has to be asked, what is it about the Democrats that either prevents them from using tactics like this, or fucking those tactics up when they do? It is not as if the Obama Waffles are a new idea - they were sold in 2004 as Waffle King Kerry, according to the website, so the claim that the Democrats couldn't have been prepared for this tactic just won't hold water. Just think about it, the Democrats have John McCain who looks set to be fitted out with a colostomy bag, partnered with Sarah Palin, a woman enmeshed in scandal, who has a son who is a druggie and a daughter who seems to open her legs for half Alaska.

This is an open goal for Democrat propaganda: why are they not taking advantage of it by just copying some of these GOP methods?


14 September 2008
Sarah Palin & Troopergate: what was Todd's involvement?
The Troopergate scandal that is threatening to undermine Sarah Palin's bid for the vice-presidency took a new twist when her husband Todd was subpoenaed to testify by the Alaska state legislature.

The investigation is about whether or not Governor Sarah Palin abused her powers when she fired Walt Monegan, Alaska's director of public safety after he refused to sack Mike Wooten, a state trooper who was then divorcing Sarah's sister.

Quite what Todd Palin's role was in all of this in unclear, but he refused to testify voluntarily, so now has no choice in the matter. It may have something to do with a Palin apponted official named Frank Bailey who was recorded discussing the Wooten case. He has since claimed that he never saw Wooten's file, but did recieve information about him from Todd Palin.

It's not the original act that gets 'em - it's always the cover up.

Note: Outside the USA you may have to use a proxy to access the National Enquirer's website. I use this one.


The Obama campaign seems to go from bad to worse
As Barak Obama and his men start to trail in the polls the Democrats are beginning to fight amongst themselves: "These guys are on the verge of blowing the greatest gimme in the history of American politics. They're the most arrogant bunch I've ever seen. They won't accept that they are losing and they won't listen," said one senior Democrat to the Sunday Telegraph.

How could this situation have come about? It seems to this writer as if the Obama campaign really expected the Republicans to behave according to a script that was written by Obama and his team. Now that things have changed thanks to McCain's decision to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate, the Obama camp has been left floundering.

One is reminded of the comment made by the Duke of Wellington towards the end of his life when he was asked to compare the way Napoleon handled his army with his own. Wellington replied that the French system was like a magnificant horse's harness that served very well until it broke. Wellington went on to say that his harness was just an old rope, and when it broke he tied a knot in it and carried on.

This is the problem that Obama has. His strategy has been based on Napoleon's system, and not Wellington's. He can't manouver to recover lost ground because the strategy that was mapped out before the campaign began doesn't take into account events like the choosing of Sarah to take the number two spot on the McCain ticket. Or McCain's decision to start the negative campaigning so early in the race. Barbara Walters may have criticised him for that, but how many people will listen to her when compared to the millions who will see the TV adverts?

It is not that Obama failed to plan for these eventualities; it is that he seems to have planned too much. As the Duke of Wellington could have told him, you have to be prepared to improvise and decide strategy literally on the march.


13 September 2008
Meet the Palin Family: Track the drug addict & Bristol the bike
The National Enquirer is reporting that Track Palin, Sarah's eldest son, is a dipso druggie who likes to get his friends to go stealing for him. No wonder that the Palin family packed him off to the army.

The now pregnant Bristol Palin is even better: "Bristol was a huge stoner and drinker. I've seen her smoke pot and get drunk and make out with so many guys. All the guys would brag that they just made out with Bristol."

Finally, Levi Johnson the guy who knocked her up was basically dragged out of his home to go and stand on the stage at the Republican Convention. He knows that "he’s stuck being with Bristol because her mom is running for Vice President,” said one of his friends.

OK, so we have one drug addicted kleptomaniac and his sister who is the town bike.

This is turning into a wonderful election!

Update: If you are reading this outside the USA then you probably won't be able to access the National Enquirer website. Use this proxy and put the Enquirer's URL in the box provided.


12 September 2008
Sarah Palin hot, nude, sexy, porn videos!
The rumours are true: Sarah Palin did work her way through college by selling a series of hot nude photos of herself. She also starred in some genuine porno movies as well. So you can forget the Sarah Plain nude photos that you have all been searching for because here we are proud to present the completely uncensored Sarah Palin nude porno videos! All you have to do is. . .

Keep on dreaming. Which is what the guy who sent me the e-mail to the above video is obviously doing. He swore that the actress in the still is Sarah in her younger days when she worked in the porno industry to pay her way through college. There are just two problems with this rather appealing theory. The first is that the actress looks nothing like Sarah Palin and the second is that she's Australian to boot.

However, the porn industry has been fast of the mark in hunting for Sarah Palin lookalikes with a view to starting a shoot tomorrow, presumably. It had better be tomorrow just in case McCain loses the election. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to erection day this year...

What's that? You want to see the Australian video? OK, here's the link.


The British People's Alliance Website
David Lindsay has written in to say that the British People's Alliance has now got its own website.

I must be honest and say that the website is lacking something. Actually, it is lacking rather a lot since David is using a Wordpress template which he needs to get rid of as quickly as possible. There are plenty of companies that offer off the shelf templates and David really needs to grab one as soon as possible and get rid of the existing design. FinalSense.com provided me with the free template that I use for this blog and they have a nice range of website templates as well. Some are free, and the average price of the ones that are for sale comes to about £25.00. Well worth the month, I think.

That aside, David is clearly trying to get his new party off the ground, and I wish him luck. The politics seem to be a mix of old style Distributionism, mixed in with some new ideas that are David's alone. He may not have the success that he hopes with this new venture, but at least he is trying to swim against the tide of consumerist madness that has swept the land over the past generation or so.
Annoy a chatterwanker: download Muslim Massacre

Here's a free computer game that you must download, if only because it will annoy and offend all the right people. Muslim Massacre is the name and you had better grab it quick before some publicity hungry Muslim group persuades the the internet service provider to pull the plug on the site.

Needless to say the Guardian has already joined the merry throng that wants to ban the game, using as the excuse the need to protect "children and the vulnerable from accessing it". The Guardian hackette who wrote this drivel then gave the game away when she wrote that "the game reaches a new low in bad taste," which translates into simple English as she doesn't like it.

Well, fuck that - I don't like the fact that scum are raking it in by writing old wank like this whilst millions of my people have been forced to get by on next to nothing for over a generation.

Playing a computer game or listening to a Bernard Manning tape isn't going to alter that, but what it will do is demonstrate to the middle class vermin that what drops out the crack in our arseholes after a good meal is worth more than both them and their opinions combined.

So download the game and make sure that any of these creatures that come within earshot know you have it. Trust me it will annoy them and that is a laugh worth having.
11 September 2008
Rightist bloggers pounce on the latest Democrat stupidity
I predicted last night that when the intervention in the American election by British Obama supporters like Jonathan Freedman became known all hell would start to break loose. Well, it's started as rightist bloggers are now reproducing Freedman's lunacy and using it to fire up their Republican readers. Say what you like about Americans, they are quick off the mark, especially when they spot an easy opening like this one.

I feel like Cassandra, I really do. Getting it right is nice, but getting it right because I can see how the left gets it wrong leads to one of those pile itching moments that really shouldn't happen all that often. Right now it seems to be happening every day.


Why has CNN refused to broadcast its Putin interview?
Exiled Online has a story about how CNN has censored the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, by refusing to air a thirty minute interview that he granted them. The station has run some clips, but has refused to run the full interview. According to Exiled Online the Russians are furious about this and CNN's people could soon find that their visas do not get renewed.

One clip in particular is certain to raise blood pressure in Moscow, since it tries to rubbish Russia's claim that America was behind the recent Georgian attack on South Ossetia. As soon as Putin had made his charge - and it is a charge that carries some weight behind it - the CNN report starts to refer to Washington's denials. Then the report takes a sequence in which Putin explains why Russia is no longer importing American poultry and tries to indirectly tie the one with the other. As if the chicken matter was Russia's rather silly retaliation for America's response to Russian actions in the South Ossetian Conflict in other words.

Why did CNN play this trick? The only possible answer is that unlike just about everywhere else, the Americans don't have to bother censoring or buying off journalists because news organisations like CNN are as much a part of the system as the politicians who run it. The nice thing about Mexico, by way of contrast, is that whilst all the hacks are on the take, at least their take comes in the form of cash bribes. These silly sods at CNN seem to be helping the State Department set the anti-Putin narrative because they believe in the man.

At least the Mexicans aren't that stupid.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube, by the way.
10 September 2008
Did Sarah Palin charge rape victims for their medical examinations?
It is emerging that the city of Wasilla used to charge rape victims for their medical examinations. The practise was made illegal in 2000, but whether Sarah Palin, who was mayor of the city in those days, approved or opposed the measure is still unclear.

More news when I get it.


Yet another own goal from the Democrats
Just when you think that it couldn't get any worse for the Barak Obama campaign, along comes some dickhead to prove that it can. Now the British trendy left want to get in on the act in the form of a hectoring Guardian piece by Jonathan Freeland which argues that if Obama is not elected then "Europeans and others will conclude that their dispute is with not only one ruling clique, but Americans themselves. For it will have been the American people, not the politicians, who will have passed up a once-in-a-generation chance for a fresh start - a fresh start the world is yearning for."

You couldn't make this shit up, could you? By now copies of this sanctimonious, self-righteous load of old wank will be circulating in e-mail form around the USA. "Read this," the e-mail might run, "and you'll realise why Obama is the man for Europe, but McCain is America's man through and through." Or words to that effect. It will cause outrage. . . What am I talking about? It's outraged me already. If I was an American the temptation to vote for McCain just to stick two fingers up to this well-fed Guardian hack with his pretty boy glasses - to say nothing of his ilk - would be pretty overwhelming. You can just understand the sheer atavistitic joy that ordinary Americans feel when they lift a leg and fart in the direction of people like that. Which is probably what they will do at the election.

The Democrats are not trailing in the polls because their campaign has been poorly handled. They may have been wrong-footed by Sarah Palin's entry, but the campaign can recover from that. What the party cannot recover from, and here is why the Democrats are now odds-on to lose the election, is the rank stupidity of its supporters on both sides of the Atlantic. It started with the Sarah Palin pregnancy, continued with the "Sambo beat the bitch" nonsense and now continues with this lunacy from London.

Obama's supporters seem to be more concerned with sticking the boot into heartland America by reminding its denizens of just how much they despise them than they are with winning in November. Here's a hint, people. You need the votes of some of those people. Try and keep your bile in check or go down to yet another defeat.


The American election is about values, not race

If you are wondering why your friendly old Exile has a feeling that John McCain may just emerge as America's next president, look no further than this 2006 advert which helped derail Harold Ford's chances of becoming one of Tennessee's senators.

The advert has been dismissed as racist, but that probably owes more to the Democratic Party's frantic reaction to it than to any real intent at playing the Jim Crow card. The advert works on three levels, namely tax, national security and small town values. It is within the context of the latter category that the racism charge was levied.

The point is that Harold Ford attended a party organised by Playboy magazine. Just to make sure that everyone knew that, the advert has a nice looking actress who claims that "I met Harold at the Playboy party". Then a dodgy looking individual tells the viewers that "So we took money from porn movie producers. I mean, who hasn't?"

If you want to be a U.S. Senator from Tennessee then you do not go to Playboy parties: that is a no-no. Playboy's owners may not technically fall into the category of "porn movie producers," but that is a matter of opinion. The chances are that the voters in Tennessee probably think that Playboy is a porn outfit so therefore they are porn movie producers.

Members of the liberal comentariat have dragged this election up to show that Barak Obama could be defeated by old fashioned American racism, but the hurdle that he faces is even higher than that. The problem that Obama has is that he is seen by millions of Americans as a smooth, big city elitist whose values are not the same as theirs.

That, rather than race, is the significance of Harold Ford's defeat in 2006.


09 September 2008
The search goes on for the Sarah Palin hot photos
If you have been searching the web for some good information on Sarah Palin then by now you will have read the e-mail that Anne Kilkenny from Wasilla sent to her thirty or so friends. It quickly went viral and an authorised version has now been posted on the website of the Anchorage Daily News. Anne Kilkenny has known Sarah Palin since 1992 and for those of you who are on a sleaze hunt, this e-mail will give you hope that the nude photos that we have all been waiting for really do exist.

Reading the mail it is obvious that Sarah is a bird who tells the punters what they want to hear and then doesn't entirely deliver on the main social promises. Thus as state governor she never once promoted creationism within the Alaskan school system, and neither did she call a special session of the legislature to debate some anti-abortion legislation. In general what she did as both mayor and governor was allow ideas to circulate, then if they seemed popular she would take them up and present them as her own policy initiatives. Sarah also liked to surround herself with people that she had appointed and who relied on her for their jobs - and then kept them scared enough of her so that they remained loyal.

What all this means is that America's MILF is just another political hack who doesn't believe in much beyond herself. That's fine, says the Exile, because it means that the stories of sleaze and extra marital affairs are more likely to be true.

Which is good news for all those of you out there who are just waiting for the hot photos to emerge.


Why is the Wii Fit Girl so popular?

The Wii Fit girl is a wonderful example of viral video in action. She's a sexy little minx who dances in front of a TV wearing only her glasses, T-shirt and panties. She became an overnight sensation as everyone and his brother wanted to see the 70 second clip. Even the Daily Telegraph ran reports about her, which tells you just how popular this clip had become.

Then a debate began on the web over whether the video was genuine or not. It turns out that the girl and her boyfriend both work in advertising, so was this a clever stunt?

The video was obviously shot in someone's living room, without using any special light. In fact, the light from the windows actually distracts a little from the overall view that everyone is interested in, which is the girl's gyrating rump. That leads me to conclude that it is genuine, but that said, who gives a stuff?

Even if it had been made deliberately to push sales of the Wii Fit, then that is no guarantee that millions of people all over the world would decide to watch this video. The simple truth is that Wii Fit Girl captured the popular imagination, and that, in part at least, is why the video is such a success.

Technically just about anyone can make a video like this. The trick is making one that will fire up the popular imagination as this one did, and be seen all over the world.

That's the rub for you video makers out there.


Mexico City Upskirt
I know, you're cheesed off at the lack of Sarah Palin sleaze, but trust me, it's out there. You just have to be patient.

Now I don't have a Sarah Palin upskirt to tickle your fancy just yet, but look what's just arrived in my in-box. The claim is that the shot was taken in la Alemeda, a rather large park in Mexico City centre. It certainly looks like it to me, but I do admit that one park looks pretty much like another. That said, the metro ventilation grid that the girl is walking across and the trees to her right do suggest la Alemeda to me.


08 September 2008
Blame the French for Russia's stay in Georgia
This one's a beauty - the reason why the Russian army is still camped out in bits of Georgia proper could be the fault of the French who brokered the peace deal between Russia and Georgia. The original deal was drawn up in French, obviously, and then translated into English and Russian. The problem is that the Russian version is different from the English version - nobody seems to have referred to the original French document so God knows what that says. The differences are not great, and are mainly concerned with the odd preposition here and there, but that is enough to keep the Russian army in place and the French feeling like tits.

Somebody should really tell the French that the days of using their language as the official diplomatic tongue are long over. French today is only of use to head waiters and overpriced prostitutes, but nobody else.


Does the hunt for hot photos of Sarah Palin obscure the real issues?

You tapped Sarah Palin hot photos into the Google search engine: you and millions of others that is. During the week that ended on the 30th August, Sarah searches outran hunts for Obama information by four to one. She was eight times more popular than McCain and ten times more so than Joe Biden in the Google search stakes. Make no mistake about it, the overwhelming majority of these searches relate to Sarah and sleaze. Sarah Palin hot photos is at the top of the search food chain, closely followed by Sarah Palin upskirt, and Sarah Palin nipslip. If you are interested in Sarah Palin voting record then you are in rather a small minority.

Does all this obscure the real issues? People who argue that are essentially saying that what they regard as the important issues for debate trump what other people find important. In other words the argument is exactly the kind of elitist tosh that turns ordinary people off from politics.

What is actually happening is that people are debating, in their own way, the issues that are real and important to them. When John McCain chose Sarah Palin, he chose a woman who would appeal to the religiously motivated people who were disconnected from the election because of McCain's secular image. Those values' voters are not particularly interested in issues per se, or rather they want to choose a candidate to vote for based on that person's perceived set of values. If they find one that matches their values, then, the argument goes, the candidate will probably by and large put forward the policies that they believe in. If we think about it for a moment, that is what political parties exist to do. They allow people to participate in the political process without being policy anoraks - or wonks, as the Americans call them.

Thus the hunt for Sarah sleaze is very important, as the Democrats realised. That is probably why the Daily Kos ran it's smear campaign against Sarah Palin by alleging that her daughter was actually the mother of Sarah's new born baby. It is also the reason why the latest debate about her alleged extra-marital affair is so important. If it can be proven that she had one then it will almost certainly cut into her image as the Christian wife and mother: and it is that image, and the policies that are associated with it, that her type of voters are expected to turn out for on election day.

If the sleaze allegations did not exist then there is no evidence to suggest that voters would suddenly start talking about Alaskan Measure Two, a proposal that came before that state to ban the hunting of wolves from aeroplanes. Sarah opposed this measure with $400,000 of state money and thanks to her efforts, people in Alaska can still climb aboard small aircraft, drive wild wolves before them until they are exhausted, and then land to blast the wretched creatures with a high powered rifle from close range. This story was broken by Exiled Online and then taken up by the Independent, who also reported on Sarah's support for oil drilling in the state, and will no doubt be used to rally the Green vote to Obama, but the notion that the bulk of the God fearing people in small town America are even interested in these issues is about nil.

It isn't that Sarah sleaze is a distraction from the real issues. It is that those issues are not real, in the sense of not being important, to the people that Sarah was brought on-board to motivate. On the other hand, if the sleaze allegations that are flying around her head at the moment turn out to be true then the Democrats will have scored an important hit that may discourage her voters from turning out to support McCain-Palin in November.

It is for this reason that the Democrats will be assiduously cultivating every source that they can find to try and discover something damaging about Sarah. It is also the reason why Republican supporters in Sarah's home town of Wasilla are leaving comments at The Exile trying to rubbish the allegations. Both sides realise how important this is the the values based electorate who live in small town America.

Now why can't the commentariat realise it as well?

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07 September 2008
Will the Reagan Democrats support McCain?
They are called Reagan Democrats because Reagan managed to woo them from their natural home and made them part of his coalition. Blue collar industrial workers in places like Michigan, people who believe in strong unions and manual labour. Socially they are very conservative and they tend to be more hawkish than any Neo-Con when it comes to foreign policy.

There has always been some doubt as to whether Barak Obama could hold them, especially given his foolish remarks on guns, religion and the bitterness of people who hold on to both of them. In June when he visited Michigan he was met with protests which the Democrats pursuaded themselves were nothing more that Hillary Clinton's supporters cheering on their candidate. Actually, that was more likely the first stirrings of the old Reagan Democratic element getting fired up before they moved into the John McCain camp.

On Friday McCain and Sarah Palin held a tumultous Michigan rally in which at least 6,000 people turned out to cheer them to the echo. McCain looked stunned by the reception, but Sarah Palin was clearly in her element as she wowed the crowd.

Here's the rub: if those Great Lakes' denizens cannot be held for Obama then the election is lost for his party. He has to hold the Atlantic North-West, the Great Lakes and the Pacific coast to be in with a chance. Then he must take the likes of Florida and New Mexico to really tip the election his way.

The evidence up to now is that Michigan, Minnisota and Wisconsin might be slipping away and that means that Obama now has to dedicate time and money to shoring up a position that a week ago was taken for granted. He won't be able to take the fight to the GOP marginal states because he will be too busy in his own backyard.

It is hard to believe that there are still people on the left in both Britain and America who think that Sarah is a liability to the McCain campaign. The American left has to come to terms with her appeal and listen to what the people want. Michigan working people are unhappy with the Democrats' social agenda. It is time that the party came to grips with that simple truth.


"Sambo beat the bitch" is the latest smear on Sarah Palin
"So sambo beat the bitch," is alleged to have been Sarah Palin's reaction to the news that Barak Obama had defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Charley James, the source for this story, also claims that Sarah is in the habit of calling Eskimos "arctic Arabs" or "fucking Eskimos". Now, your friendly old Exile reckons that all this amounts to one big smear. That is not to say that the stories certainly aren't true, but the said friendly old Exile is willing to bet money that they aren't.

When considering this latest attack, three factors immediately spring to mind which should create enough doubt in the readers' minds as to the veracity of the tale.

The first is the original source, and how it's presented. We are told by Charley James that a certain Lucille told him the story, and Lucille asked not to have her surname used because she was afraid of retaliation from Sarah's gang. The problem here is that Lucille is then identified as a woman in her late 50s-early 60s who is part Eskimo herself and who works as a waitress, probably in Juneau, the capital city. Given that Alaska only has a population of about 600,000 how difficult would it be to track down Lucille, if she really existed? If she doesn't then the story falls, but if she does and will not use her name for fear of retaliation, then what was James doing giving out all this information about her? The fact that he did suggests that he is either very careless, or that Lucille is a figment of the imagination.

Secondly, Sarah is married to a man who is part Eskimo. It may be just about possible that she could marry such a man and have five children with him, all the while harbouring a secret loathing for that part of him that is Eskimo, but it does stretch the reader's credulity a bit.

Finally, the story is just too pat. It's too neat, and it ties in rather too well with everything that big city liberal America wants to believe about evangelical small town America. If this story wasn't true, then someone would certainly want to invent it - and that is part of the problem with it. When something is too good to be true, then it usually is.

There is another problem with this story and why the Democrats should be cautious about using it. It can rebound on them pretty dramatically and lead to yet more votes for McCain-Palin. It may very well be that there are quite a few people in red state America who actually do think that "sambo beat the bitch" and will be more inclined to vote Republican on the basis of a tale like this. Even more so if they ever read the semi-literate rants that are currently going around the web about it.

The way to get Sarah Palin is to stick with the adultery investigation. If it can be shown that she did wrap her legs around Brad Hanson then that will damage her in the eyes of the people that she was brought on board to motivate. On the other hand, a tale like this only serves to anger people who were already fired up to vote for Obama anyway.

The Republicans just seem to do a better job at this kind of thing, don't they?

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