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07 August 2008
When the monsoons come

I was Skype-chatting to UKSecretCourts on Tuesday afternoon, and the lady mentioned that she could hear the monsoon rains beating down on the roof of my house. Since you don't get torrential downpours like that in the UK, as soon as the conversation ended I took up the camera and went to a bedroom window to grab a few shots of the street outside. Just for you, sweetie, and only because your voice has an effect similar to Viagra as it oozes into my headset.

Actually, Tuesday's rains were not as heavy as some that I have seen. The ironmonger's shop that you can see on the left of the screen managed to stay open throughout, as the water didn't manage to reach high enough to flood it.

In case you are wondering about the name, the bloke who owns it was nicknamed "Hoss" back in the 1960s when Bonanza was all the rage on TV. Forty-odd years later and nobody can even remember his real name, including him I suspect.



Thank you. I'm honoured by the compliment.

I read poetry for the Blind.

We've just been given House of Commons speeches to record, which helps blind people access the history of our country, through our Prime Ministers greatest speeches.

so you can tell that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are not on the agenda.

8 August 2008 at 16:27  

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