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12 August 2008
Victory seems complete in South Ossetia

All that is left of Georgia's South Ossetian adventure is the wreckage of her armour. The people of the territory must now count the human cost of anything up to 2,000 dead and roughly 34,000 living rough across the border in Russia. That is about half the pre-war population, by the way.

In spite of all claims to the contrary, the Russians have not attacked Georgia, and with luck, the war is now over. Both sides will sneer at each other for decades to come, but the slaughter of the past few days seems to be over.

The apologists for globalist expansionism will now start muddying the waters with a barrage of lies about what happened over the past few days. We need to be ready to counter those lies with the truth, and the simple truth is that they fucking lost.



"the Russians have not attacked Georgia"

I'm not sure when you wrote this, or what your news sources are, but it seems pretty clear that Russian troops are deep inside Georgia. Unless you mean, "hey teacher, the Georgians started it". Which is, at best, half-true: the Georgians were utterly wrong to make the first military move last week, but Russian aggression has been mounting for some months.

12 August 2008 at 10:02  

This posting is a summary and, I hope, a conclusion. The posting below it shows up the lies that Russia has marched into Georgia.

Reading the Beeb's website just before I started this answer, I see that nothing has changed. If the Russians were in Gori and Senaki, I kind of think that some bugger would have sussed it by now.

Naah, the Georgians are giving it tongue, mate, in the hope that we will be mug enough to ride to their aid. Fuck 'em.

12 August 2008 at 10:18  

Georgians attacked the Russians, and with the Israeli military training the Georgian Army, Russia had to answer this attack.

This is a false flag operation to trigger war in Iran.

Another war, to hide the impending financial, monetary and economic collapse of the US Republic?

Bush is putting every European and American at risk.

12 August 2008 at 13:04  

Maybe this is semantic. OK, the Russians are not in Gori or as deep inside Georgia as was claimed. But are you seriously saying that it is nothing but lies that Russia "marched into Georgia"? Senaki was attacked on land wasn't it? And we don't have non-Russian confirmation that the Russians withdrew.

But you are right to point to the disgrace of Western reportage passing on Georgian statements as verified truth. They seem to have pretty poor press coverage in the area!

Re anon: This Israelo military training meme is a bit dodgy. Clearly, there was some Israeli military involvement. But to over-estimate it is dangerous, as
this sensible post from Martin Meenagh points out:
"It's necessary to say that because the meme developing about the Ossetia war clearly is 'oh the Israelis were there' and various people on the left and the pro-war right have decided that this is the key to any argument on the issue. It isn't, but because I linked to debka.com's first reports, I wanted to include the following update.

There is not proof that the Israelis as a group of military advisers were in Georgia at the weekend, though the numbers suggested are so great that any involvement will ultimately be hard to hide. The Israeli Foreign Ministry itself has openly acknowledged the vast scale of Israeli arms supplies to Georgia. Israel's interest in Georgia's oil pipeline, which is a commercial and a strategic one and of course also part of private business, not state activity, has been long acknowledged.

Various messageboards, of which this one is a good example, are now pointing out that Debka com carried two stories within twenty four hours. One suggested that Israelis were aiding and abetting Georgia; another suggested, slightly more believably, that the Israelis realised how mad an ethnic cleansing and provocation of Russia was and tried to restrain the Georgians. It may be that the real, inevitably garbled story, is located somewhere between these poles, assuming that the Israelis were there and were anything more than observers, which is not yet acknowledged."

And, as Lee at Second Hand Conjecture notes: "Evidently immune to the historical irony, Israel halted arms shipments to Georgia months ago due to fears of a Russian attack."

There is nothing odd or untoward in Israel bolstering its economy by selling arms or military expertise to a non-enemy country.

There is no reason to believe that Israel is behind the war. Unless you have a prediliction for antisemitic conspiracy theories.

12 August 2008 at 18:19  

Senaki airbase was attacked and the Russians then left after wrecking it. In other words that operation was a raid, and was not part of any invasion plan. We discussed this as it happened, Bob, and pretty much followed the operation through.

It is now almost 7.00pm UK time and again a quick butcher's at the news sites does not confirm the tales that the Georgians are peddling.

12 August 2008 at 18:52  

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