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04 August 2008
USA renages on yet another international agreement
The other day Richard Holbrooke denied striking a deal with Radovan Karadzic. Unfortunately a copy of that agreement has mysteriously surfaced, and the signatures of Holbrooke and Karadzic can be clearly seen. Neil Clarke has the full text so I won't reproduce it here, but the interesting thing is that it commits the USA to protect Karadzic, and to pay him $600,000 over a six year period. The agreement states that the USA can terminate the agreement "upon the initiative of United States Government." However, since they have never done that, it would follow that it is still in force. So why has Karadzic been arrested?

That question awaits an answer, but for the moment let's just remind ourselves that the USA and its clients seems to be in breach of any number of their obligations under the UN Charter, and you can throw in the Helsinki Final Act to cover the former Yugoslavia as well. Just about the whole of the first part deals with respect for national sovereignty and national borders, which the USA drove a coach and horses through starting in 1999.

So it is in this light that we need to consider the Holbrooke-Karadzic Memorandum. No matter who is in power in Washington, the USA will break whatever solemn undertaking that she has made, whenever it suits her purposes so to do.

It is that simple truth that socialist and anti-globalist agitators need to start making, over and over again.

Day by Day, we realise how true it is that Hitler and Stalin, now have an American counterpart.

People asked "how did the Germans support the Nazi's"...

They way the rest of the world asks every American, "how can you not take action against the neo cons?".

4 August 2008 at 11:28  

I think that is over egging the pudding, although an analogy between Germany aggression in the 1930s and the American version today strikes me as valid.

What we need to do is encourage Buchananite isolationism in the USA to grow, and to drive a wedge between the USA and its allies.

Big job!

4 August 2008 at 15:40  

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