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11 August 2008
Tskhinvali, a city devasted by Georgian aggression
This is the South Ossetian flag which tonight flies proudly over what is left of the territory's small capital, Tskhinvali. It flies all the more proudly because the defence of the capital was in the hands of her own sons. Contrary to earlier reports, the Georgians never took the city of just 10,000 souls, and her defenders were still in the line when the Russians arrived to finally drive the invaders out.

Now as newsmen arrive in Tskhinvali to see it guarded by its own fighters, the full truth of the Georgian atrocity towards this tiny city is starting to come out. Early reports indicate that the city has been completely devastated with a population left traumatised by the Georgian attack that led to a 24 hour battle for the city and which only ended yesterday.

We need to remember that in spite of all the nice words that have come out of Georgia in recent days, their country is an aggressive component of globalised capitalism. Aided and trained by the USA and its Israeli proxies, the plan was to roll over this tiny region in just a few hours and terrorise the inhabitants into submission.

Tonight that plans lies in tatters, thanks in no small part to the ragged defenders of Tskhinvali



A must read: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/bruce-anderson/bruce-anderson-the-west-must-share-the-blame-for-war-in-georgia-890250.html

Insightful and speaks the truth!

11 August 2008 at 01:31  

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