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02 August 2008
Stating the obvious: why the left supports resistence movements
The Respect MP George Galloway has just taken Jcom Radio to the cleaners to the tune of £15,000 over the latter's claim that Galloway is anti-semitic. I doubt if he reads this blog, but in the unlikely event that he does, good for you, George.

Harry's Place has an interesting piece by David T on the whole matter
, and Dave - who can write well when he chooses - makes this obviously heartfelt point:
. . .Why, for example does Galloway’s section of the Left deny the right of self determination only to Israelis - and to nobody else - which they support for Palestinians? Why do they promote a one state “solution” for Palestine which they must know would result in the expulsion and massacre of persons who are the descendants of Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern and European lands? What does it mean for a politician to form a party with people who do express openly racist and conspiracist views, or to speak on the same platform as Hamas and Hezbollah activists, and to glorify them?
There are three issues here which are all interrelated. The first is why do socialists not support the right of self-determination for Israelis? The answer to that is that we didn't support it for Southern Rhodesians or French Algerians, so why should we break the principle now? Israel is, and Rhodesia and Algeria were, creole polities that were originally created by imperialism to further the interests of capitalism.

Secondly, as to what happens to the creoles after independence, that was not something that the left thought very much about in the past, so, again, why should we start now? As far as I was concerned in the 1970s, the issue was not that Zimbabwe would be run well or run badly under local rule; it was that British Rhodesia had to get the chop , thus to help undermine the morale of the class enemy at home. What happened to Zimbabwe after independence in 1980 is something that I have taken only a small amount of interest in, and my only concern at the moment is that London is rapidly becoming a kind of Harare North. Sorry, folks, but Zimbabwe is now your shithole and you can do with it as you wish - now can I have my capital city back, please?

Finally, the left accepts that all guerrilla wars are brutal and unpleasant, with atrocity and counter atrocity the order of the day. The Algerian FLN planted bombs that killed civilian creoles, and the Zimbabwean guerrillas shot down two civilian airliners and then massacred the survivors on the ground. A commander was asked why they had killed the children and he replied, in words that I will never forget, that "little snakes grow into big snakes, so we crush their heads before that happens."

Given that the left was quite happy to share platforms with both the FLN and the Zimbabweans, why is Dave so puzzled when we do the same with Hamas and Hezbollah? We have remained consistent in our view that opposition to colonialism is an integral part of the socialist ideology.

To conclude, and at the risk of labouring the point, we have little or no interest in these territories after they become independent. We are not hand-wringing liberals who bleat that Mugabe et al are evil and wicked. We just accept that as read and are pleased to have played a small part in helping to provide a defeat for the class at home that we despise so much.

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No, you can't have your capital city back. Haven't you seen the "LAWYERS AND BANKERS ONLY" signs set up around all the pleasant bits of it? (I'm not denying that there are plenty of less pleasant bits where the People are graciously allowed to live, move and stab each other.)

2 August 2008 at 21:47  

What a load of immoral and negative bollo. What you seem to be saying is that the is and should be first and foremost an anti Western, anti capitalist movement which is obsessed with the so called neo colonialism of modern liberal democracies.

It seems you are saying that we should not oppose misogynistic, homophobic, racist religious movements of the far right, as long as they are anti Western.

You also imply that you care not for the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe as long as that suffering is being perpetrated by other Africans and not EVIL Western Imperialists.

Your world view is so simplistic, one sided and repulsive you are an embarrassment.

People like you and Galloway do not support secular Leftists in the Middle East because they are not anti Western enough. Instead you support the theocratic far right which imprisons union members and murders those on the Left who try to stand up for human rights.

Your anti Western, anti imperialist obsession has flipped you into being a supporter of the far right. You are just too blinded by your sixth form politics to see it.

3 August 2008 at 03:53  

PS: For an anti capitalist you don't half have some annoying pop up advertisements on your blog.

3 August 2008 at 04:00  


Welcome back - we seem to be getting visits from the spaz charioteers.


I didn't go to a 6th form - I left school at 15 - people did in those days. That said, if I did write in that way then how could I be also "negative and immoral"? Surely young people are full of the joys of spring? Get your insults right, you little spaz.

3 August 2008 at 04:11  

Wow you truly are infantile.

"Little spaz"

I haven't heard put downs like that since the late 70's. A bit like your politics, a throwback to the past. Grow up geezer. :-)

PS: As a Lefty you should be ashamed of yourself using a word like "spaz" as in "spastic" as an insult. They are disabled and that doesn't make them any less worthy of respect than you or I. Anyway you old dodgepot. Keep up the incoherent politics, you bedroom radical you!!!! :-)

3 August 2008 at 05:36  

Back for more are you, my little webmong?

Socialism is all about collectivising the economy to ensure that we get the goodies without having to bust a bollock to earn 'em. You for your part get to watch the whore that shit you out from between her rancid thighs reduced to sucking cock for food.

Quite simple really. Hard to tell where all this "respect" bollocks that you come out with originated from. I have more respect for what drops out the crack in my arse after a good meal than I ever will for some gaffer's bumsucker like you.

3 August 2008 at 05:56  

Oh dear oh dear you are a sad cracker aren't you. I think the fact that you have resorted to childish insults and personal attack shows how vapid your politics are. I rest my case.

You're a right wing nut in Lefty clothing. Keep up the support for the far right of the Middle East. You have no intelligent reply to my comment so you carry on like an idiot child in the playground. That is a declaration of surrender. You lose I win. Your politics are defunct. Give it up fella. x Peace

3 August 2008 at 06:04  

I don't need to make intelligent replies to an arselicker who by his comments shows that he is not of my class. I want to piss on your grave.

3 August 2008 at 06:15  

To bring things down to your level, you lose, I WIN, your shit, I'm not lol

3 August 2008 at 06:28  

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I start off by correcting your 6th form jibe, and point out why the said jibe didn't hit. You reply by fixating on my use of language - which was intentional by the way. I know how to get scum all worked up.

Being the whitest blogger in town, I then explain what socialism is all about, but being the prime spaz that you are all you can come up with is a risible accusation that I engage in "childish insults". Mong, read what's on the fucking screen.

Do you see how it works now? I do reply to your points. It is not my fault that you are such a twat that you allow yourself to be manipulated into not seeing that.

3 August 2008 at 08:01  

Seems like a nice boy, if a bit poofy. Or does he just help the queers out when they are busy?

BTW, the weekending stuff is great at the moment. Keep it up.

3 August 2008 at 14:57  

He seems to have vanished, which is a pity since I do so enjoy it when fools like that show up.

3 August 2008 at 17:58  

Hello blokes, yeah the little webmong seems to have done a runner. Lives in Bangkok, I fear. God knows how many cocks the little poof has banged, but I enjoyed having it around.

Anyway, now you know why I run open comments. Post what you like but standby for grief if I think that you are an arselicking lump of middle class shit.

3 August 2008 at 19:45  

Look at my chopper, cor you middle-class kulaks don't have anthing like this!

3 August 2008 at 21:51  

Can you still get programmes for Windows 2000, webmong? I would have thought that it was out of date by now. And that 16 bit monitor needs to go as well. Setting the resolution to 1024 X 768 won't alter that fact one jot. Just try running video and see what I mean.

3 August 2008 at 22:17  

Almost certainly a fudge masher. Just check out the hysterical nature of that first comment.

Who's a pretty boy then?

3 August 2008 at 23:56  

Yeah, looks like that's the case.

Or certainly one of these nice little boys who thinks that capitalism is just going to roll over and die. It isn't, by the way.

4 August 2008 at 02:31  

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