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18 August 2008
Now the social work filth are going after fat bastards
I can't believe that this is for real. It could only happen in Nu-Labour Britain.

As part of their drive to demonstrate to working class people who is in charge, the lower middle class vermin who both control and work for the councils have decided that the next attack that will be waged against us will use the excuse of obesity. Yes, well, I can't believe it either, but that is the kite that they are flying right now. The fact that the world seems to be full of fat bastards and their number is rising doesn't enter into it. As this piece makes clear, this is not an attack on middle class fat bastards, just our type. As usual it will be done via our children. Yes, that's right, the fuckers want to take overweight kids into care.

What's all this about? Put simply, it's about more jobs for more social work filth, that's all. The so-called Labour Party that should be defending us from odious little class war attacks like this is controlled by this type of maggot so obviously it wants to provide more jobs for creatures of its own ilk.

As we have said time and time again on this blog, the working class disengagement from politics may have been a perfectly rational response to Blair and his gang, but now the strategy will not work. The enemy is taking the fight to us, by trying to force us to behave as they want as a sign of our submission to them.

It's time to start giving these fuckers grief, people. We need to form organisations on every estate that will take the fight to them. We can do it via the council chambers, but we can also do it on the street. These fuckers are only hard when they have a gang of coppers behind them. On their own they are as soft as shit, as I have demonstrated time and time again.

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