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19 August 2008
New Weaponry for the South Ossetian Militia?

Anybody want a nice collection of tanks? Perfect condition, never seen action. Formerly owned by the Georgian government, until abandoned by their soldiers and now the property of Russia. Actually they will probably be passed along to the South Ossetian militia, but at the moment they are guarded by Russians, as the photo above shows.

As Russian forces withdraw into South Ossetia, Moscow has voiced fears that Georgia may use the appearance of a power vacuum to foment trouble along the border.

Not using those tanks they won't!



Levi and the liberated Italians observed the Red Army soldiers homeward bound in a kind of “disorderly and multicolored biblical migration. . . .” So what is their strength, Levi wondered? “It is an interior discipline born from the harmony, reciprocal love and love for their homeland; a discipline that triumphs -- precisely because it is interior -- over the mechanical and servile discipline of the Germans. It was easy to understand why they prevailed.”

In his book, La Tregua (The Truce. Abacus, London, 1987), Primo Levi, the great writer from Turin, describes his liberation from Auschwitz by Russian soldiers and the subsequent errant train voyage in the joyous chaos of Russian troops returning home from the war which first carried him north through Poland and Ukraine.

21 August 2008 at 15:10  

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