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11 August 2008
It's my birthday!
It's just after midnight now, which means that it is the 11th and thus my birthday. I am going to celebrate by going to bed, since it has been a long and incredible weekend. We shall take stock another day, but for the moment let me just say that globalisation seems to have taken a very severe knock, and I hope to wake up later today to read the news that Georgia has accepted Russia's terms for a ceasefire. Now that would make for a quite wonderful birthday surprise.

To the hundreds of people who flooded here over the past couple of days I say welcome and I hope that your visits were worthwhile.

In the last 48 hours I have created fifteen posts that have dealt with the South Ossetia Conflict and that has to be some kind of record. I just hope that you found them as interesting to read as they were to write.

See you later today, folks!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for all the great work of blogging the South Ossetia event.

Here's a little birthday present:


The writer is Justin Raimundo of antiwar.com

11 August 2008 at 06:14  

Happy birthday, mate!

11 August 2008 at 08:47  

Happy Birthday,

I've sent you a teabag.

Have a drink on me!!

11 August 2008 at 13:02  

Happy birthday!

I hope you continue to follow the western/georgian aggression as it happends.

11 August 2008 at 13:29  

Happy Birthday dear Exile, happy birthday to you?

With regard to the Georgian situation..... erm... will keep my counsel as have a degree in pre revolutionary 'Russian' history. But the 'west' isn't exactly doing their bit and the whole thing is a mess. Both sides are expert in 'propaganda'; both sides as the 'old joke goes' are 'equally good at dying'.

Even though I am a cross bred 'JAP/WASP'the bottom line is idiots in power are sitting there going, 'ok, so who controls the oil today... I'll be nice to him'

But then, having balls to stand up, is abnormal in these controlled and PC times.

11 August 2008 at 21:34  

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