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10 August 2008
Israel involved in attack on South Ossetia
When Georgia mounted her ferocious attack on South Ossetia early on Friday morning she didn't just have tanks, artillery and infantry, she had Israeli military advisers as well. According to Debka.com up to a 1,000 Israelis were training the Georgian forces and many of those men were directly involved with the attack.

Israel is heavily involved in the region's oil trade, and is trying to negotiate an agreement to build an oil pipeline from its territory to Turkey, currently the terminus for Georgian oil and gas. The existing pipeline between Georgia and Turkey has angered the Russians as it allows Georgia to bypass the Russian distribution network.

This is yet more evidence of American acquiescence in the Georgian attack on S. Ossetia. It is highly unlikely that those Israeli advisers would have been around had Washington not given its permission.

Update, 3.15pm:

Carl in the comment box tells us that the Georgian army is modelled on the Israeli, and that an Israeli brigadier "has been operating in Georgia for some time now and is providing consultation to the Georgian army".



There is more to it than that. The Israeli involvement is deeper still, with arms shipments and the participation of a Brigadier General who led the invasion into Lebanon a while ago.

I've done a quick round-up on my blog here:


10 August 2008 at 20:37  

Cheers Carl, and an update has been made to the posting.

10 August 2008 at 21:21  

So this is Israel/US led?

What an idiotic government Georgia has.

Mind you, look at the UK, we had Blair, for goodness sake.

This means, the middle east is "up for grabs", and Israel will destroy the world economy, in order to control the middle east.

Which is what's been happening via disruption of oil production (it's like Austin powers stuff this).

This is going to end in tears lads.

Israel constitutes the round figure of 0% of the world's population.
If Israel is found out, there will be serious repercussions... the world could get very Anti Israeli...

11 August 2008 at 14:17  

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