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29 August 2008
Internet Scams: Harry's Place & Jenna Delich?
I promise that this will be the last posting on the feud between Harry's Place and Jenna Delich. The only reason why I am referring to it again is that a rumour is going around the web that the whole thing was a put-up job between the two sides, with a view to raising their respective profiles. This rumour arrived in my in-box by way of two separate e-mails and the idea has also attracted a bit of gossip in one of my comment boxes.

Your friendly old Exile is not convinced that there was any actual conspiracy, but the whole affair has certainly turned out to be one of win-win for the main participants, to say nothing of those who lined up to support one side or the other. You don't believe me, I can tell, so let's take a look at this in more detail.

Harry' Place is now a money blog. I am sorry for those HP Saucers who haven't twigged that yet, but liberty really is the right to tell dipsticks what they don't want to hear. The blog takes Google Ads and a new arts section was set up a while back to carry a few more of them.

We have to speculate, but it seems inconceivable that Harry's Place gets less than 100,000 uniques a month. Click through adverts usually attract between one and three percent of the visitors, so at a rock-bottom minimum, the saucers click on a 1,000 adverts a month. How much each advert pays is likewise a matter of speculation, but it is going to be a minimum of 10p a pop, and probably much higher for adverts on a premium site like Harry's Place. Nevertheless, taking the 10p figure, that is still an extra hundred quid a month that David T., the blog's owner, can trouser away - and probably much, much more.

Think of the extra hits that Harry's Place is now getting as a result of this feud. The blog will almost certainly have doubled its daily hit rate, so on the financial level alone the affair will leave David feeling even more self-satisfied than usual.

On the prestige level, Harry's Place has been left strutting around like a dog with two dicks, and the air of sanctimonious self-righteous gittery that always infests the site has become truly noxious. The blog's owner will probably be transformed from a loud mouth into a rent-a-mouth dealing with all things anti-Semitic, and the number of speaking gigs that will accrue should gladden his heart.

Funnily enough, the same is pretty much going to be true for Jenna Delich. She has gone from being a completely obscure teacher at an FE college that nobody had ever heard of into a symbol of the fight against zionist tyranny. Or how one lone woman stood up the smears of a powerful internet machine. Make no mistake, as we pointed out last night this woman was smeared, and smeared badly by Harry's Place. She can be expected to haggle those experiences into some gigs of her own. Media interviews, guest speaking, her options are less than David's, but if she manages things right she should emerge laughing.

What about your friendly old Exile? Well, this blog has seen its stat porn become very wankable indeed over the past few days. The Exile is never going to get 100,000 hits in any month, but we should reach at least 3,500 uniques this month, which will make August 2008 the second best month ever for the blog.

All in all, we really do need more of these internet barnies, don't we? Everyone gets to take the moral high ground as sides are chosen, and then we all walk away feeling happy.

This blogging lark is good fun, believe you me.



Sounds like a fair summary of what went on.

29 August 2008 at 17:54  

I'm glad that it's all over. I must be honest and say that I just scrolled by it all without bothering too much about the details.

Back to normal now, are we?

30 August 2008 at 19:53  

Liberty if it means anything is bags of cash for all the hits!!

Is the rumour true that if you dont like HP you are anti semetic??

30 August 2008 at 20:01  

I had to speculate about just how much HP makes for David T. each month, and sticking with my conservative maths "bags of cash" may be putting it too high. A fair few bob is how I would - conservatively - estimate the takings.

To be fair to David, when I posted a piece on why the left tends not to support Israel he did link to it, and didn't start screaming Jew-baiter at me. So I think that the answer to your question is no, at least as far as I am concerned.

Sure, the link led to some HP webmongs charging in here to give it lip, but my own regular punters helped see them off.

One Tracker, welcome back, mate. What have you been up to? Yeah, blog's back to normal, and I have a rather nice little Mexican photo just for you that will go up next week. At least I think that it's Mexican, but you are going to like it whether or not.

Anony, cheers mate.

30 August 2008 at 20:50  

Now that's a conspiracy theory! ;-)

I also like Joe Quinn's retort over at sott.net. Circles within Circles indeed.

1 September 2008 at 21:20  

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