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13 August 2008
How was the South Ossetia coverage for you? Worth a donation?
On Friday of last week when everyone else was watching the Olympic Games this blog was one of the first to start reporting and analysing the South Ossetia Conflict. Over the next three days I pretty much reported events as they happened and, with all due modesty, I cut through the lies and misinformation that was spewing forth, particularly from the Georgian side.

Let's take just one example to illustrate the point. On Monday most of the world's media were reporting that Russian troops were flooding out of South Ossetia and into Georgia proper. They claimed that the cities of Gori and Senaki were occupied and went on to make the risible claim that the whole of Georgia had been cut in two. The Russians, they said, were going to drive on Tblisi and occupy the whole country.

There was only one slight problem with that thesis: it was pure bollocks, as readers of this blog knew at the time. Put bluntly, your friendly Exile got the story right, and most of the media just got it wrong.

How did I manage to get it right? Put simply I have never been much good at following the herd and its instincts. And I am pretty good at detecting old wank...

I gave up Saturday, Sunday and Monday to this conflict by spending long hours at the computer, reading and analysing the news is it came in from a plethora of sources. Monday was my birthday, but that was quickly forgotten about since so many hundreds of people were flooding into the blog and I felt that I owed all of them, all of you, the truth as I saw it.

All this has left me exhausted since I kept going with hardly any sleep on a diet of strong sweet tea and even stronger cigarettes. Only now am I starting to relax.

People, if you read this blog during that time then you came away with a far better understanding of events than did the readers of the mainstream press. The difference is that in spite of their errors, the hacks will continue to draw their fat wage packets and I will continue to see my car parked in the garden because the gear box is knackered and I am too skint to get it fixed.

Is my work worth a donation? I am not asking for much as I assume that a working class blog like this gets a readership that is probably as broke as its owner, but is a fiver too much to ask? Let's face it, that still works out cheaper than buying newspapers over the weekend and the coverage has been a damned site better, hasn't it?



This blog matured quite a lot when you started this coverage..

From woman bashing to politics as they happen, i followed your blog and watched Russia today while carefully avoiding the western propaganda outlets, please stay the course......

13 August 2008 at 13:12  

Well, fuckety-doodle-dandy... Your friendly old Exile was so chuffed when he read this comment that he just had to gallop off and have a nice long wank.

You know, being patronised by types who then fail to click on over to the donate page is just so wonderful that the cheery old Exile has decided that in future sanctimonious, self-righteous old wank like this should come with a £25.00 price tag on it.

That's right! If you work at the likes of Ogilvy & Mather in the City of London, then you too can spurt your wad all over this blog's comment boxes and all for the low, low price of just 25 notes.

Hurry! Hurry! Take advantage of this amazing offer whilst you still have old wank to spurt.

13 August 2008 at 19:13  

COL. SAM GARDINER: I must say that I have not heard a lot of good words from the McCain campaign about how to deal with this. It’s painful that the standard answer one gets is the testosterone-based foreign policy that we’ve seen for the last eight years. This is a very complex situation. And John McCain has said earlier that he wants to throw Russia out of the G8. That is absolutely the worst thing the United States could do. Russians have been saying—and the White House has not been listening—“We are a major player, and you have to listen to us.” This is the way the President said the Chinese are major players, and we now listen to them. The Russians have been saying that. The White House has ignored that.

I also would say, on the other hand, that this is one of those situations where Obama’s talk about it is probably not a good solution, either. The United States made some errors when it left the impression with the Georgians that our support somehow meant they were free to undertake this operation. That was clearly a bad idea that we communicated with them.

The other thing that is significant here is, there is an Israeli dimension to the problem. Israel has been training and supplying the army of Georgia. That’s caused some tensions within Israel, because there are those who believe that this just encourages the Russians to provide conventional arms to the Iranians. Israel has talked about it over the weekend, decided not to stop providing arms to the Georgians.

It isn’t over. There are a lot of strategic things that are going to fall out of this. Probably most important is that it’s not now Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, it’s now Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran that our new president is going to have to deal with.

AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Sam Gardiner, I want to thank you for being with us. We’ll certainly continue to follow this conflict. Colonel Gardiner, retired Air Force colonel, has taught strategy and military operations at the National War College, as well as the Air War College and the Naval War College.

13 August 2008 at 20:29  


You can go on twanging your wire for all i care....

15 August 2008 at 03:49  

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