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27 August 2008
Harry's Place is off-line
Harry's Place is off-line as of yesterday, reports A Very Public Sociologist. An emergency replacement site has been cobbled together and is now live. Modernity Blog seems to be carrying the events as they unfold, and readers might want to take a trip over there to see the latest developments.

The short version is that HP ran yet another of their pro-Israeli smears and their victim, a certain Jenna Delich, has decided to complain to either their ISP, or to the company that holds their domain registration.

The slightly longer version is that Miss Delich sent out a link to a piece by a Joe Quinn, which had first appeared on Quinn's website on the 29th June 2006. Later that same day, a site run by David Duke, the American Ku Klux Klan figure, reprinted the article and it was the link to the reprint that Jenna Denich sent out.

That was enough for the Harry's Place smear machine to roll into action. It didn't matter that this was all about an article which Duke had not even written. All that mattered was that a critic of Israel had linked to David Duke's website. That was all the smear machine needed, because now other sites are claiming that she "cites David Duke in support of a boycott of Israel," and that is just not the case.

There are a series of interlinked issues that are at stake in all of this. The first is that Jenna Delich has every right to be outraged at the Harry's Place treatment of her. She should have demanded a right of reply, and pointed out the nature of the smear. Had she done that we would all have cheered her to the rafters, and then fought each other for the right to be the father of her babies.

The problem is that she didn't, with the result that we have a freedom of speech issue, and on that basis alone we have to support Harry's Place and its rancid crew. It is to be hoped that once Jenna Delich calms down from her quite justifiable outrage she will see the issue clearly and will cease attacking Harry's Place via its domain registry.

We might add that there is also an issue of common sense, and that is something that the rancid crew seems to lack in large measure. Why, in the name of God's left testicle, did they have their site registered and hosted in the UK? Only Harry's Place could be that stupid.

We had all this nonsense over the Craig Murray affair, and the lesson from that was clear: register your domain and have the site hosted as far away from the UK as it is possible to get. Harry's Place, the Nu-Labour site to beat them all has now been screwed over by the very rules and regulations that Nu-Labour did so much to put in place. On that level it couldn't have happened to a nastier gang of Nu-Labour arsewipes.

On the other, if Harry's Place can be kept off-line then we are all under threat. So let's put aside our distaste for their politics and support the principle that is at stake here:

Blogging men of all countries unite! You have nothing to lose but your keyboards!



I wrote a solidarity post.


27 August 2008 at 05:48  

It's surreal to be helping Harry.

The posts at Harry's are so filled with inside talk, that I often don't understand what they are trying to say.

27 August 2008 at 06:52  

Yeah, it's weird, especially since it was HP commentators that tried to give me the treatment that this Jenna Denich is getting now.

27 August 2008 at 07:19  

I have now amended my post, so it no longer says "cited David Duke", but "cited David Duke's website". Thanks for pointing out this error.

It is to your credit that you are extending your solidarity. However, I think you need not grit your teeth quite so hard. HP hardly set a smear machine in motion. They posted one post, pointing out something that was completely true, and it became newsworthy when Mike Cushman goaded Delich, or some other UCU member, to close down HP on this basis. The smear machine would not have rolled far if Cushman had not so acted: it is the Delichians who are reaping what they sowed.

27 August 2008 at 15:58  

New Labour will never learn.

31 August 2008 at 01:00  

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