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10 August 2008
Georgian army wrecked as Russia continues her advance
Georgia is now desperately trying to extricate itself from the war that she began on Friday by claiming to have withdrawn her forces from South Ossetia and ordering a unilateral ceasefire, but Russia is continuing to pound Georgian positions with artillery and air strikes. The latest Georgian city to receive a visit from Moscow's airforce is the capital, Tblisi, which was bombed today. In the city of Gori, Georgian troops are dumping their uniforms and are wearing civilian clothes, a sign that they anticipate a Russian ground attack and plan to vanish into the civilian population when that happens.

Russia is now claiming that Georgia has lost the right to rule South Ossetia, a claim that the Russian army looks set to enforce. Furthermore, a large part of the Georgian army's eqipment is now derelict and abandoned on the South Ossetia roads as the Russian army drives forward to complete the liberation of the province.

This has been a weekend that supporters of Georgia and globalised capitalism will remember in their nightmares for decades to come.



This will serve to make a lasting impression on all those factions that kept trying to exclude and humiliate Russia repeatedly in the recent past--after Georgia saw what happened with the West/EU plainly telling Russia where to take their opinion of the Kosovo precedent (i.e. shove it up their arse...), it became cocky to flex its muscle and repeat the maneuvers that have happened in the Balkans---only problem is that they were left out to dry by the West (thanks for playing USA) and miscalculated badly and now are getting their arses handed to them in a way that they will soon not forget--Saakashvili can only pray that he won't get booted out of office, or worse, by Russia (spending time in the gulag might give him some quality time to reflect on his stupidity). People have been waiting for some kind of response from Russia since this whole Kosovo thing happened--many said that no response would again humiliate them and show that they are still weak and not ready to play on the respected superpowers playground yet--and now you have a response from Russia in an overwhelming fashion to show Georgia and the World that you can bet Russia is back and demands and will get the respect it deserves. Bush must be thinking to himself "boy did we ever screw Saakashvili over--well, he will get over it I'm sure, now I wonder if there are any good steakhouses here in Beijing..." I'm still laughing...

10 August 2008 at 20:28  

I have watched multiple interviews with Saakashvili, especially long ones on CNN and BBC, and I have to think that based on what has happened up to this point, any reasonable and normal IQ bearing person would say that this man is the following: buffoon, idiot, poor regurgitator of whoever is writing his speeches and responses to questions, and complete moron. The people of that country must now be wondering what they were thinking(or smoking, or drinking, etc) when they elected him...

10 August 2008 at 20:49  

Well, I've been openly predicting that Putin would strike at US allies, since June 2007. So I'm quite honoured that I was 14 months ahead of the pact.

In a nutshell, this obvious Geo Political Chess match drills down to this in essence.

Putin is a natural leader.
A tactical leader.
A strategist, with KGB experience, and leadership skills.

Bush is a dumbass.

If I were a betting person, I'd say the odds, were perhaps in favour of Putin, but don't let me sway you.

10 August 2008 at 22:39  

It is good to see Russia starting to flex her muscles and remind the globalists that they do not always get things their own way.

A pity that it is not the gallant Red Army, but we can't have everything.

10 August 2008 at 23:26  

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