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15 August 2008
Final appeal for donations
Let me start off by thanking Martin Meenagh and an anonymous contributer for their donations.

Gentlemen, you may not realise this, but you are helping to save my bacon. A few more such donations, and I might be able to avoid the wrath of my awfully wedded wife. As this is the final call, allow me to explain what is going on. . .

On Sunday I was offered a job driving a wagon up through the mountains to pick up a load of something or other. The equivalent of £50.00 is not to be sniffed at, even though I knew that driving up those roads in a lorry that was going to be overloaded, with dodgy brakes and lights that didn't work was going to be hairy, especially if the fog came down which it usually does at this time of year. How did I know the wagon was going to be like that? Basically because that's what all Mexican wagons are like.

I rejected the job partly for that reason, but mainly because I was so wrapped up in the South Ossetia reporting. I may have sort of mentioned to the wife that the blog was earning some money again, and it is possible that I could have said that money would come her way this week. If that is so, and the wife certainly claims that this conversation did take place, then that it is the first of my problems: she has a memory like a fucking elephant.

The other problem is that my dear little black widow spider is a fairly typical example of what happens to women when they become wives. Being too young to become a Gestapo officer and having failed to get her application in on time for work at Guantanamo Bay, this little angel of death spends her days breaking not only my balls, but those of our two sons as well.

Thus it came to pass, on Tuesday as a matter of fact, that my eldest lad had a quiet word in my ear and told me that if the blog didn't actually make anything this week, then I was on my fucking own as he was spending the night when the volcano erupted elsewhere.

OK, fellas, here's the deal. We are all in a very real sense in the same boat, aren't we? (If you are reading this and unmarried, please go off and get married because it is just unfair to the rest of us that you are enjoying yourselves when the rest of us are suffering.) Anyway, this is the final call for donations, and here are the reasons why you should donate:

1. I did work my balls off this last week and thus I saved you a lot of effort.

2. I got the big picture bang to rights. If you followed my postings you were as well informed as anyone.

3. My wife is a harridan and we are thirty quid down on what I would have pulled had I driven that damned lorry last Sunday.

I think that here you have three pretty good reasons why you should rally to the cause.

Sorry, but I still cannot get the Paypal button to work here, but the one at the bottom of this posting functions.

Can we get back to Russia. You dont see anything strategic in the Georgian situation, I am thinking in terms of a supply corridor to Iran. How do you see the alliances forming when/if Iran is attacked?

15 August 2008 at 22:57  

OK, you've convinced me. A tenner is on its way. You did call it more or less right factually, although I don't agree with a single solitary word of your take on the business. Still, I recognise a fellow sufferer when I see one, and I'd happily have spent more than that arguing the toss with you in the pub. Best wishes with the health stuff...

15 August 2008 at 23:33  

I don't as I think that everyone would just keep their heads down.

I also suspect that it would all be over pretty quickly. The Iranians have some state of the art anti-ship missiles and I will hazard that they will render aircraft carriers as obsolete as battleships.

If Iran can sink America's fleet and block the Straights of Hormuz, then it is game over. Washington can go nuclear, but the world's economy will still take a bath.

15 August 2008 at 23:34  

Ta muchly Cipriano.

The point about interpretation is one thing. You can disagree with that, but by Christ I got the picture bang to rights when just about everyone else was screaming that Russia was marching on Tblisi.

15 August 2008 at 23:37  

Well, the game isn't over yet. The Russian soldiers are still in Georgia and not very far from Tbilisi. And there was an interval of five and a half months between the occupation of the Sudetenland and the fall of Prague.

My point wasn't about interpretation of the facts, on which you've got it largely right, but about the gloss put on it. The idea that dirt poor Georgian peasants somehow represent the forces of global capitalism and dirt poor Russian soldiers represent the international resistance is sorta a bit silly.
Iraqi guerrillas, Afghan tribesmen just possibly - but the Russian army? No - that's just a wind-up.

17 August 2008 at 22:06  

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