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18 August 2008
Exile's bacon saved - thanks to you
I need to thank Jason Purseglove, Cipriano Mera and Anthony Burrett for their donations. Jason in particular deserves a double mention because he stumped up £20, which was more than I ever imagined anyone would. All told the six people who contributed sent in a total of £60.00, so my bacon has definitely been saved.

The wife has started smiling at me which I admit is a troubling development. I mustn't grumble since I never really knew what happiness was until I got married - and then it was too fucking late. To be fair I hadn't spoken to her for days before the donations arrived - I don't like to interrupt her flow. Seriously, she's OK when she's dressed to kill - a pity that she cooks the same way.

So thanks again to all of you. I have taken the liberty of sticking up a donation button on the top right-hand sidebar, for those of you who have not contributed anything and are no doubt feeling suitably guilty. . .

As for the blog, we are now back on normal postings. The crisis is over, thank God, and future postings on the South Ossetia theme will be intermingled with my usual posts on other topics.

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