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01 August 2008
Barclay's Bank prefers Russian bonkers to British showjumpers
Work this out if you can. As we reported at the time, back in March of this year Barclay's Bank shelled out $745 million to buy Russia's Expobank, an outfit that had been valued at just $100 million.

Just prior to the sale, Expobank had stripped off most of its females executives to produce a calender. As an example of that calender's undoubted merits, on the left is a shot of Miss Ekaterina Baskakova, executive directrix in the bank's knob polishing department. Just give her a pat with your mouse button to see the full calender - you know that you want to.

Also as we reported here, just the other day the British Showjumping Association produced some rather nice photos of its decent talent in a similar state of semi-undress. Guess what? Barclay's have now decided to reduce their sponsorship deal with the association, and are blaming the photos for the decision.

No, I don't believe it, either. They buy a Russian bank that produces a sleazy calender at way above its book value, and then screw over British showjumping when it copies the same idea - that doesn't ring true to me.

Maybe the British Showjumping Association couldn't live up to Expobank's promise of We work according to your personal needs.

Is that the case? Or is it that Barclay's wants to make deposits with these Russian bonkers, but rejects the chance to ride our showjumperettes?

The people demand answers!

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