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08 August 2008
Another step towards police state Britain
This is insane: a woman named Julia Pemberton was in genuine fear for her life, so she called the police and the buggers don't show up, even though she was on the line for at least 20 minutes.

Now the logical response to this is to ensure that calls are answered quickly, but the Guardian seems to be taking the line that this tragedy amounts to an "abject system failure". I don't need to read any further to guess what the outcome is likely to be. Let's have more education, more social workers to run people's lives for them, let's try to assess risks so that we can be proactive when we manage the care cases. After all, the so-called new universities are churning out their semi-educated products every year, so that's one way to keep those products in employment, isn't it?

Look, if you give the state more power, then the moronic scum who work for local government, especially the moronic scum who work for local government, will abuse that power. They have to because unlike the people who actually produce something, their so-called labours are productive of sweet fuck all, so they do it to prove to themselves just how important, valuable and worthy of their fat wages they are. So, when the pregnant Fran Lyon had a barnie with her then boyfriend and the plods arrived, the plods had to call in the social work filth and that filth then decided that Fran could not keep her child. Fran Lyon was then forced to seek refuge in Sweden where she and her daughter, Molly, still live.

Do you see how it works? Over the past generation Britain has ceased to produce anything of any value and now we are in danger of ending up with one half of the population employed to control the lives of the other half. God knows where the money of going to come from to pay for this police state, but that's another story.

In the case of policing the streets, something which would have saved the life of Julia Pemberton, I have a better idea.

First, let's lose all the form filling that takes up so much police time. Mostly those forms are to do with racial awareness and gender issues, which is to say that they are really about providing yet more well paid jobs for yet more middle class pen pushers who get to read all this bollocks. If this simple strategy were to be adopted, more policemen would be available to answer more incidents and in a shorter timescale.

Secondly, let's cut police wages to the pre-Thatcher levels. Let's be honest and admit that those wages were only raised so that the police would agree to act as an escort agency for every filthy little scab that wanted to walk through a 1980s picket line. If their wages were cut then more could be employed. We should be honest and admit that the plods are as undereducated as they always were, so wouldn't it make sense to treat them as the glorified street watchmen that they basically are?

If that were to be done then we could have Mr Plod, well, plodding the street. Beats could be created and a policeman would walk his beat, checking into time clocks that were stationed at various points along each beat. That way we would know that the buggers weren't fast asleep and their superiors would have a very good idea of where each officer was in the event of a call to action. Other police could be in the stations, and when an emergency call does come in, they form the mobile reserve.

Once that has been done, then maybe terrified women like this will not wind up dead because no bugger can get to them in time?

Of course it won't happen because every government since Thatcher has been into social control. So let's have yet more useless mouths doing yet more unproductive non-jobs.

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The worse thing is this.

The police are "unaccountable".
The SS are "unaccountable".

Labour have employed idiots, for want of a better description...
and made them accountable idiots.

Local councils now undertake a 3 week surveillance of parents who commit the noble crime of entering their children into the best possible school that they can.

We are, undoubtedly, in a police state. Not even Stalin or the Stasi, sent out local council spies to which school you registered your child at.

Welcome to Police State Britain.

8 August 2008 at 15:54  

'Thanks, Guardian, I've got my blog rant for tomorrow:'

Excellent stuff.

8 August 2008 at 16:35  

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