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12 September 2008
Annoy a chatterwanker: download Muslim Massacre

Here's a free computer game that you must download, if only because it will annoy and offend all the right people. Muslim Massacre is the name and you had better grab it quick before some publicity hungry Muslim group persuades the the internet service provider to pull the plug on the site.

Needless to say the Guardian has already joined the merry throng that wants to ban the game, using as the excuse the need to protect "children and the vulnerable from accessing it". The Guardian hackette who wrote this drivel then gave the game away when she wrote that "the game reaches a new low in bad taste," which translates into simple English as she doesn't like it.

Well, fuck that - I don't like the fact that scum are raking it in by writing old wank like this whilst millions of my people have been forced to get by on next to nothing for over a generation.

Playing a computer game or listening to a Bernard Manning tape isn't going to alter that, but what it will do is demonstrate to the middle class vermin that what drops out the crack in our arseholes after a good meal is worth more than both them and their opinions combined.

So download the game and make sure that any of these creatures that come within earshot know you have it. Trust me it will annoy them and that is a laugh worth having.

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